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ArtistScope introduced copy protection to the Internet in 1998. Almost every major development in DRM since then has been developed by ArtistScope. But copy-cats exist and plagiarism is rife, even in an industry whose purpose is to protect intellectual property. The most common lies are any claims about being in the copy protection industry prior to 2000 and that they are the "industry leader". For example we know for a fact that our oldest surviving competitor did not exist before 2004.

But even if all of the oxygen thieves disappeared, copy protection would still not be profitable enough to justify floating a public company. In fact it never was. Yet some will try to tell you otherwise. Well we were the inventors of copy protection and we have seen many startups over the years who have raised funding, had a party while they could and then disappeared in the mist, usually within 2-3 years.

Copy protection is difficult to enforce because it can be exploited from many different avenues. It also not popular with anti-lobbyists claiming it to be "intrusive and unfriendly". But lets get real. No-one has the right to copy and plagiarize intellectual property and end users need to realize that their access right is a privilege given by the content author and that they need to abide by that author's rules or go away.

ArtistScope solutions are innovative and the industry standard for copy protection that provide the most secure and most robust security possible. ArtistScope solutions are utilized by the military, government, telecoms and many other industries worldwide where the protection of intellectual property and sensitive information is paramount.

Making It Happen

Too many people assume that copy protection solutions can work without changing the file format or requiring a special reader. Similarly, they expect their copy protected web pages to be viewable in all web browsers and on all operating systems.

Well none of those ideas are feasible. To begin the file being protected cannot be viewable in a generic reader if it is to remain secure. For example any PDF viewable in Adobe Reader cannot be protected. But that same PDF encrypted for use in the CopySafe PDF Reader becomes the most securely protected document on the planet.

And so it is with popular web browsers. Over the years they have developed and provided more and more ways of exploiting and copying web media. Their browsers have never provided consistent support for plugins or anything else useful for webmasters to identify users or restrict access. Late 2015 those popular browsers did webmasters a huge favor by dropping support for real plugins altogether. Now webmasters have simpler task and use the ArtistScope web browser in full confidence that it will provide consistent no-nonsense support for their copy protected project.

"We know the technology, we know the customer, and we know the audience. Our systems are the most secure and are affordable; and we stay apace with those who seek ways to get around protection solutions."

Press Releases

2023-12-19 New DRM & Copy Protection for WordPress
2021-04-26 ArtistScope Site Protection Software (ASPS) Now Supported On All Devices
2021-04-10 CopySafe Video 7.0 Released For Professional Video Publishers
2020-08-23 ArtistScope DRM Adds DRM Protection To Any Website.
2020-01-01 CopySafe Video Protection software 5.0 released with improved quality/sync.
2019-05-30 Live Customer Service Incorporated Into All ArtistScope Web Sites
2019-05-21 CopySafe Video 4.0 Released With On-demand Buffering
2018-09-30 CopySafe Video 3.0 Released With DRM
2018-09-28 ArtisBrowser Supports HTML5 Video and CopySafe
2017-03-20 ASPS Online Demo Revised For Simplicity
2016-01-30 ArtisBrowser The Only Browser To Support Copy Protection
2015-10-08 ArtistScope Portable Media Released For DRM Protected Media Archives
2015-07-11 ArtisBrowser Takes Over Where Other Web Browsers Fail
2014-07-14 ArtisBrowser Upgraded With Improved Support For Windows 8
2013-04-12 Copy Protected PDF Can Now Be Viewed On Web Pages
2013-02-02 ArtistScope DRM for PDF Includes New DRM Management Options
2012-08-05 Copy Protect WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Moodle Web Sites
2011-11-30 Free DRM Service To Prevent Unauthorized Use Of eBooks And PDF
2011-11-10 Free Online Book Cover Designer for Authors
2011-09-30 CopySafe Mail Is The Most Secure Webmail
2011-05-18 Secure Web Hosting For Copy Protected Web Sites
2011-04-28 ArtistScope Launches The Most Secure Site Protection Imaginable
2010-11-26 Manage DRM For PDF From Your Own Web Site
2010-06-25 DRM As A Hosted Service Is Now Affordable To Everyone
2010-05-08 12 Years Of Piracy, Plagiarism And Copyright Abuse
2009-02-24 Total Control Document Rights Management (DRM)
2009-01-18 PDF Protection With Total Control DRM
2008-09-30 Secure Image Protection with Watermarking and Command-line for SAAS
2008-09-24 Next Generation of Secure Image Technology
2008-09-09 ArtistScope DRM Extends Total Control To Web Page Media
2008-07-30 Document Rights Management (DRM) for Total Control of PDF
2007-12-21 ArtistScope Partners ImageTec In Japan
2007-10-30 CopySafe PDF Released For PDF Protection
2006-06-16 CopySafe Now Safe From ALL Screen Capture And Recording
2002-11-02 ArtistScope Releases CD Protection for Web Media
2002-08-29 ArtistScope Reseller of all Oz Domain Names
2001-09-21 ArtistScope at the Seybold Show in San Francisco
2001-08-20 Neotrope Assigned For North American PR
2001-07-01 CopySafe PBV as a Content Management System (CMS)
2000-09-09 Secure Image Pro Now Available For Mac OS
2000-04-20 CopySafe Stops Print Screen and Screen Capture
2000-02-14 ArtistScope Partners OpenSRS As Domain Reseller
1999-10-30 Secure Image Now Manages Multiple Sites for Domain Lock
1999-08-30 ArtistScope Provides First Reliable E-commerce
1999-06-24 Screen Capture Can Now Be Prevented
1998-01-01 The First Image Protection Software for the Internet

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