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ASPS and CopySafe Web Comparison

The ArtistScope Site Protection Software (ASPS) and the Copysafe Web Protection software are both most effective at protecting images and other media from all copy while displayed online from web pages. In fact there are no other comparable solutions but there are notable differences between these two solutions which we discuss here in order of importance to the average website publisher.

Main Differences

  1. ASPS is software that is installed on the server, and as such, it does require a dedicated server or VPS for the rights to install software at server level. Whereas Copysafe Web software is used locally on your desktop to encrypt images prior to upload to your web site, and as such, can be used on any website that you license.
  2. While ASPS protected web pages can be viewed across all platforms including mobile phones, Copysafe Web requires a Windows computer to view the protected pages.

Image Copy Protection

There are no differences in the effectiveness of the copy protection provided by either solution. They both most effectively prevent all screenshots, screen recording, save and downloads of images that are displayed on web pages.

Web Page Copy Protection

ASPS will protect all data and media displayed on a web page including images, PDF and video. However Copysafe Web displays encrypted images and is the recommended solution for images because the image files stored on the web server can only be viewed from your web page and are thus safe from in-house piracy and even safe from your webmaster.

Copysafe Web can protect all data and media from screen capture by simply adding a small encrypted image which activates protection mode in the ArtisBrowser. But overall ASPS provides more robust all round protection, even from packet sniffing software.

Demos for both solutions can be seen online at

OS and Device Support

First point to note here is that CopySafe Web requires the use of a Windows desktop computer. Mac users can run Windows via Bootcamp or Parallels but there is no mobile phone support. Those who do use the CopySafe solutions do so for the level of protection that is available to Windows.

With ASPS there are no OS limitations as protected pages can be viewed while using the ArtisBrowser which is available for Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone devices. However site owners can elect to only allow Windows and Mac computers if they consider that mobile devices may be exploitable and a risk.

Server Requirements

If your website is on a shared hosting server then you will be limited to using CopySafe Web which can be used on any webpage hosted anywhere. In contrast ASPS requires the installation of software below the root level of a website and thus requires the permissions and rights to install at system level which will only be available with dedicated or virtual servers.

For anyone considering website protection a virtual server is the way to go and today virtual hosting can be most economical with basic plans starting at $10/month and less. A virtual server will also enable more bandwidth to your website where it won't be affected by a 1,000 other websites and spikes in peak hour traffic.

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See Them Both Online

Examples of ASPS and Copysafe Web displaying protected web pages can be seen online at

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