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DRM Server for CopySafe PDF

DRM Server for CopySafe PDF

For corporate networks and intranets, our DRM server for CopySafe PDF can be purchased and installed by ArtistScope. By owning your own DRM server you can have it customized to suit your own design theme and security policy rather than use those provided by our free shared service.

Requirements & Install

Full install by ArtistScope is mandatory.

  • Windows Server is required.
  • IIS needs to be installed to manage your site.
  • We will configure the web site if required.
  • We will install all necessary DLLs and services.
  • We will install Microsoft SQL Server and database.
  • We will customize security policy to your requirements.
  • We will customize the design for your corporate image.

Administrator access will be required for installation. It is not recommended to install this service on server that provides terminal services. The server should be a dedicated or at least a virtual server (can be hosted from $10/month).

When installation is complete we store a backup of the site and database for quick repair if ever needed.


What gets installed on your server is exactly the same as used on our DRM server.

  • Demo DRM Trial

    Although limited as a demo user, here you can evaluate our DRM portal for free for 14 days.
    The CopySafe PDF DRM portal will enable you to upload and convert a variety of document formats for copy protected distribution. Although limited as a demo, you can still experiment with the different protection settings and send test documents to friends to see how effective the prevention of copy, sharing and unauthorized distribution really is.
    Click to create a Demo DRM account now.
  • Full DRM Trial

    To test drive the DRM portal and explore all the features available to authors, you need to either purchase a CopySafe PDF Protector license or rent the DRM Service for a short period. When you purchase the DRM Server software your initial purchase will be refunded.

Purchase DRM Server for PDF

Each CopySafe PDF license includes the DRM Portal service for free for life.

[  DRM Management Portal     Portal web pages & scripts (ASP)   
[  DRM Server DLL Server-side interface to Protector  
[  Installation Installation by ArtistScope  
    Sub Total   $895
[ Protector Licensing License for CopySafe PDF Protector   $295

Total = US$1,190 unless you already have a license for CopySafe PDF Protector or have paid for a DRM subscription to fully evaluate the server, in which case the amount already paid will be refunded later.

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