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CMS plugins on their own, contrary to what some may claim, are incapable of adding any effective copy protection to web pages and media such as images, PDF and video because in a nutshell, they do not have the permission and rights for interacting at system level which is where Copy Protection must be actioned.. However CMS the plugins listed below will provide the means of integrating real copy protection software that you will find more effective than ever imagined.

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* ASPS is short for the ArtistScope Site Protection Software which is a server filter that creates a secure encrypted tunnel between website and the user's web browser (ArtisBrowser) that cannot be intercepted or decode by any other means. ASPS provides the most secure and most effective copy protection for anything displayed on a web page, and the ArtisBrowser is available for all devices including Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

ASPS Tag Management plugins are used by site owners to tag which web pages are to be protected and which to leave as open doorway pages for advertising and SEO.