ASPS Tag Management Add-on for CMS

ASPS Website Protection This add-on simplifies the management of web pages to be copy protected by ASPS. Pages and sections can by nominated for protection by page link or keyword for automatic insertion of meta-tags on the fly.

Normally when using a CMS the header template requires the addition of code to trigger ASPS which has posed problems for non-web savvy users and those who naively allow their CMS to automatically update and overwrite their CMS core or theme package. Using this plugin enables the CMS admin to nominate which pages are to be protected by keyword. For example if the keyword is "lesson" then all pages that include the word "lesson" in their url will have ASPS applied, leaving all other pages not affected.

ASPS Tag Management Settings

Note: this plugin is for use on web sites that have the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) server filter installed.

Tag Management Settings

The add-on's settings page can be used to enable/disable the tag insertion, and nominate the options to use for the site. All protect options are enabled unless otherwise set to "Allow". All pages will use the same security and display settings:

 Allow Print  Allow printing to hard-wired (non network) printers 
 Allow Remote  Allow access from computers using remote or virtual OS
 Allow Mac  Allow access from Mac computers
 Allow Android  Allow access from Android mobile phones
 Allow iOS  Allow access from Apple iPhone and iPad devices
 Width  Width in pixels of the browser window
 Height   Height in pixels of browser window
 Kiosk Mode   Display full screen without toolbar

ASPS Licensing

All CMS plugins developed by ArtistScope are provided for free and without warranty. However this add-on is for use with the ASPS server filter and may be of little use for anything else.


Plugins are available for DNN, Drupal, Joomla, Moodle and WordPress:

Drupal module for ASPS Tag Management Drupal Module How To Copy Protect Web Pages On Drupal 
Joomla extension for ASPS Tag Management Joomla Extension  How To Copy Protect Web Pages On Joomla 
Moodle plugin for ASPS Tag Management Moodle Plugin  How To Copy Protect Web Pages On Moodle 
WordPress plugin for ASPS Tag Management WordPress Plugin  How To Copy Protect Web Pages On WordPress 

These plugins require that ASPS is installed to be of any use. ASPS licensees can request the plugin suited to their CMS.


The add-ons are designed to install as per your usual add-ons for your CMS. Otherwise the install instructions are included in the plugin package. After making any changes to settings or editing a page, you should always Clear Cache by going to Administration » Site Administration » Development » Purge all caches.