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Copy protect web pages and online images from all copy and save
CopySafe Web : Secure Image & Page Protection

Copy Protect Web Pages and Images

Evaluate Copysafe Web Protection Online Demonstrations
  • Copy protect images and all other web page content.
  • Safe from PrintScreen and all screen capture software.
  • Encrypted images cannot be retrieved from browser cache.
  • Domain-locked images cannot be used elsewhere.
  • Images stored on the server are safe from your web host.
  • Images cannot be saved or scraped.

CopySafe Web provides the most secure copy protection for images because with image encryption and domain lock, your images are safe even from your staff and web master, and while on display, they are protected from all methods of copy including PrintScreen and screen capture software. CopySafe Web does prevent all screen capture. Other solutions promising grab protection are only disabling hot keys or just trying to detect some known capture programs. Such tricks may fool naive and unwary visitors, but anyone renaming the executable of a screen capture program will be free to copy as they please.

Web Browser Support

While CopySafe Web has been supported in all web browsers since 1998, most browsers dropped real plugin support in late 2015, leaving the ArtisBrowser as the only web browser suitable for copy protected web sites. But that is a plus for "copy protection" because allowing access to popular browsers has always undermined web protection and those days are now gone.

Applying Capture Safe Protection To Web Pages

A CopySafe Web encrypted image is all that is needed. When displayed on a web page its browser plugin is activated to prevent capture. Even a small 20 x 20 pixel encrypted image can trigger protection and for all media that is displayed on the page including video.

Image Encryption & Domain Lock

CopySafe Web encrypted images use Domain Lock to ensure that they can only be viewed from your website. Your images are encrypted using an algorithm based on your domain name to ensure that they cannot be displayed from any other website. The encrypted images stored on the server are safe from everyone, including your management and employees, and are even safe from your webmaster and data center staff.

Copy Protection For All Types Of Media

By displaying a small CopySafe Web image on a web page (insert method), everything on the page will be protected from Print Screen and screen capture software, up to and including screen recorders. This means that you can copy protect absolutely any media that can be embedded on a web page, including Flash movies, PDF documents, animations, Java applets, 3D objects and all types of video including ASF, AVI, MP4 and WMV.

Database Integration For Image Records

CopySafe encrypted images can be displayed using either a Java applet or the ActiveX object as the viewer. Examples of the codes to use with some templates are provided with the software. As the images are encrypted properties, the image converter names them and the file names include information based on the width and height, since these cannot be obtained by the usual means. Thus the only information that needs to be recorded in a database is the file name, from which the width and height in pixels can be extracted. For example, a typical encrypted image might look like StarOfLight_0600_0400_C.class where its width is 600 pixels and its height is 400 pixels. The "C" signifies "CopySafe" whereas an "S" means that the image was encrypted using the Secure Image converter (a different encryption program suitable for Mac and Linux computers).

Varying The Level Of Protection On Different Pages

Full protection can include limiting the use of task bar, menus and the keyboard. On some pages you may want to use full protection; while on other pages such as web forms and mouse interactive objects, you may want to ensure that the user has full use of mouse and keyboard keys. The default settings is full protection, so you can enable the following options by simply changing their parameter in the page's setting file from true to false:

Evaluate Copysafe Web Protection Online Demonstrations
[  CaptureSafe  Disable PrintScreen and screen capture software   
[  MenuSafe  Disable Internet Explorer tool bar menus
[  KeySafe  Disable the keyboard
[  RemoteSafe     Prevent display to remote/virtual computers

Command Line & Server Side Encryption Of Images

The CopySafe Web software is a Java application that can be operated locally by command-line or installed on a server and controlled by web pages via server side DLL for integration with other applications and CMS solutions. Server-side installation can enable your site members to upload images and have them encrypted on the fly. They can also be included in your member database. Available on request to all CopySafe Web licensees is a ready made DLL with sample scripts for use on websites that are hosted on Windows servers. Tested and proven to be supported by IIS on Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Ultimate, the DLL is provided for free but without warranty.

Website extensions and plugin modules

Extensions and plugin modules are available for working from within DotNetNuke, Drupal, Joomla, Moodle and Wordpress CMS solutions to enable CopySafe Web to be added to web pages and posts from their inbuilt page editors.

Software Downloads and Online Demos

CopySafe Web can be evaluated by downloading the ArtisBrowser and exploring online demos in different scenarios. Click to continue.


CopySafe Web software is licensed per web site. Click to purchase CopySafe Web Converter software.

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CopySafe Web Protection:

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CS-Web Site Add-ons:

CS-Web DNN Module
CS-Web Drupal Module
CS-Web Joomla Extension
CS-Web Moodle Plugin
CS-Web WordPress Plugin

Purchase Copysafe Web Protection Software Online

  • Prevent saving
  • Prevent copying
  • Prevent image theft
  • Prevent drag and drop
  • Prevent printing
  • Prevent PrintScreen
  • Prevent screen capture
  • Prevent spider grab
  • Protect images
  • Protect photos
  • Protect pictures
  • Protect web pages
  • Protect Flash
  • Protect movies
  • Protect SWF

A single license enables you to display protected web pages on one web site indefinitely. There is no limit on how long it can be used,  how many images/pages are created or how many pages are delivered to the end user.

The CopySafe plugin does not require licensing and is available as a free download to the public.


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