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How to Copy Protect Video and Movies

ArtistScope provides a variety of solutions for protecting video and movies for different scenarios.

Why Copy Protection Is Necessary

Video is popular entertainment. Everyone wants to watch video but no-one wants to pay for it so piracy is rife with an epidemic lack of respect for copyright or the livelihoods of those who worked to create that video.

Consequently the means of obtaining video are plentiful. To be popular browser makers have provided every means possible for saving and copying video online. There is the also hundreds of free video grabber and screen capture software available. Consequently, the avenues for pirating video are numerous and every author needs to be aware of the vulnerabilities:

Video Piracy

Producing video is time consuming and expensive. Even tutorials can cost hundreds of dollars to produce. They can be distributed on a per sale basis or as part of a training course, providing access on a per user basis, without the right to copy or redistribute.

But that is not the way it works in the real world, and anything not protected is considered fair game by everyone, preferring to not only enjoy video for free and illegally, but claim such piracy as their god given right. No-one cares about the video producers earning a living or recouping costs. The only solution is to copy protect the video in such a way that it cannot be shared or copied.

Unauthorized Sharing

Sharing and unauthorized distribution is made possible when a video is not protected by secure DRM to properly restrict who can view the video. Bandwidth theft is the term that describes the illegal linking to graphic images on another site. Usernames and passwords can be shared, so only by using computer identification can an author be sure that only the intended viewer is allowed. DRM employed by pseudo copy protect solutions can only differentiate by network address can change each time a user connects to the Internet and will be different between LAN, Modem and Wi-Fi connections. Consequently network addresses are next to useless to use for DRM and impossible to use when viewing offline.

ArtistScope revolutionised DRM by locking access rights to individual computers/devices who are recognised by their unique computer signature, thus preventing and possibility of sharing and unauthorised use.


All content displayed on a computer screen can be captured and saved to the viewer's computer by simply pressing the PrintScreen button on the keyboard. By doing this, a snapshot of the whole or part of the screen is captured at the user's monitor resolution, usually 72 to 96 dots per inch (dpi). When captured at such resolution, the images are suitable for use in any computer project and at no less quality than the original. All ArtistScope solutions prevent PrintScreen and screen capture.

Screen Recording

Screen recording software, although useful as design tools for legitimate intentions, can also be used to record on-screen video and animations without the authorization or knowledge of the author. All ArtistScope solutions prevent PrintScreen and screen capture.

Unauthorized Linking

The very nature of the language (HTML) used for web pages means most content on the web can be linked to from another web site. Such unauthorized linking occurs when a user links to your video and displays it within a frameset on their their web page without your consent. The result of such action is that the unauthorized user is giving the appearance that the legal owner of the image consents to this link and is endorsing the activities of that site.

But because web pages using ArtistScope solutions require the use of ArtisBrowser, a web browser especially designed to copy protect everything displayed on a page, every exploit is prevented.

Spider and Grab Utilities

File grabbers can spider all links on a page to retrieve a list of all connected pages and the media locations on them. On an unprotected website this means that the user can gain a list of every item on your website, save them to disk and use them without ever visiting your website. 'Grab' programs are also available that will locate and download all the files in a folder to which it is directed. This means that all web page components can be downloaded and utilized on the illegal user's website.

But ASPS pages are encrypted and can only be viewed using the ArtisBrowser. Nor can a web pages souyrce be viwed or saved.

Popular Web Browsers

Popular web browsers like Edge, Firefox, Chrome and others are totally useless for copy protection. In fcat they have been designed at cross purpose... to copy and exploit web content. Consequently any copy protection solution allowing access to popular web browsers will never be secure.

Breach of Copyright

Copyright notices are useless. If an author notices a copyright breach, there is little they can do without incurring expense and most cases will return no yield. The only way a copyright owner can limit their exposure to such breaches is to employ good copy protection.

Kinds Of Copy Protection For Video

Depending on the media and scenario, different solutions are available:

How To Copy Protect Video Watched Online

The ArtistScope Site Protection Software (ASPS) is the most secure solution for copy protecting web pages and media. While viewed in ArtisBrowser pages cannot be saved, copied or exploited in any way. Artisbrowser is available for all devices including Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android phones.

However ASPS requires a dedicated server or VPS. But there are alternatives for using ASPS indirectly:

  • Guest Video Protection is a copy protected web hosting service that includes file storage for images, PDF and video.
  • SafeGuard DRM is a WordPress plugin that will add access rights to any WordPress web page or post that can include embedded PDF or video.
  • SafeGuard Media is a WordPress plugin that will add copy protected images, PDF and video to any WordPress page or post.
  • SafeGuard Webmail will copy protect email and team messaging on which images, PDF and video can be displayed. No website required.

How To Copy Protect Video Viewed Offline

CopySafe Video Protection provides the most secure DRM and copy protection for video and it can be used for distibuting video for desktop view and online viewing. However end users will require a Windows computer. While that can be ideal for corporate networks and select clients, one needs to support all OS and devices, including mobile phones, select one of the online solutions above.

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