Guest Video : Copy Protected Web Hosting

Copy Protected Web Hosting Guest Video is a web hosting service that provides the most robust and most secure website security and copy protection for web pages, safe from all copy including screen capture, download, scraping, etc. In fact Guest Video is the only web hosting service to provide real copy protection and its effectiveness is more secure than ever imagined.

DRM & Copy Protection For Web Pages

Guest Video websites are similar to WordPress but with DRM and copy protection integrated at their core making them many more times more secure, many times more easier to use, and very much faster for your end user's experience. Everything that one needs to create and sell subscriptions to access restricted media is already included.

Copy Protect Scenarios

Whether publishing online courses and turorials or maintaining that intellectual property is accessed by authorised persons only, the Guest Video protected hosting service is your most economical choice and by far the easiest to get started. Guest Video was designed to simplify copy protecting a web site, and while one can use the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) that Guest Video uses, with Guest Video hosting you are saved the requirement of having a dedicated server or VPS, and also avoided a huge learning curve that ends usually ends in disappointment when discovering that the use of third party plugins in a CMS (like WordPress, Moodle, etc) is not ideal for a secure website.

Copy Protected Web Hosting Features

A variety of features are available with a variety of usage plans:

  • Online web page editor for page creation and management.
  • Create pages for member access, DRM token access or the public (good for SEO).
  • Set access permissions per page for DRM, copy protection and watermarking.
  • Create and manage accounts for other Authors to cerate/manage their own content.
  • Create Categories and Groups for indexing and managing large collections.
  • Create Collections to bind together a group of pages as part of a course.
  • Include images, PDF and mp4 video on your pages.
  • Media displayed on web pages cannot be saved, downloaded or web scraped.
  • Upload media to our Cloud service for free media hosting and faster downloads.
  • Uploads record file properties for file size and proportionate size ratios.
  • DRM - access gets locked to the user's computer signature (cannot be shared).
  • Copy Protection - pages cannot be copied or scraped in any way.
  • Watermarks - photographs of the computer screen will show the user's identity.
  • Watermark options for user ID, email address, computer signature, IP address and date.
  • Statistics and analysis for logins, page visits, sales, etc.
  • Newsletter function for authors to promote new releases, etc.

Copy Protected Web Hosting Plans

All Guest Video plans allow for unlimited pages, products, tokens, sales and user downloads:

☀ Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Copy Protected Web Hosting uses a copy of the parent site (Guest Video) configured for your own domain name and payment gateway. You can use your own domain name or an Setup fee is based on an alias of You can use your own domain name but the setup fee will increase (contact support before purchase).

☀ Premium Hosting

Authors using a Premium plan (shared hosting) pay a monthly fee with 20% commissions payable on their token sales. Authors can create an unlimited number of pages and products that appear in the online catalogue for token sales. Pages can be promoted for sale individually or as part of a Collection (online course), or they can be added to the Member Pool which subscribed members can view. Your own payment gateway (CCBill, Paypal or Stripe) will be required for sale. Any pages added to the Member Pool can also earn commission based on hits as a proportion of subscription earnings.

☀ Free Hosting : Free

Authors can host their pages for free but commission from token sales is 50%. Any pages added to the Member Pool earn a dividend based on hits as a proportion of subscription earnings.

File Hosting & File Security

There is no need to worry about data allowances or finding a suitable file server because all media gets uploaded to the Guest Video cloud. Your images, PDF and video cannot be accessed by any route except by your protected web page.


Copy protection secures livelihoods by giving authors and content creators the opportunity to sell their wares without the fear of plagiarism and unauthorised redistribution.

Guest Video provides both the means of protecting that livelihood and collecting revenue from the sales. Depending on the plan used, revenue on DRM token sales can be commission free or as low as 20% retention. Alternatively, pages can be added to the Member Pool for a share of member subscription fees.

Member Pool

Members are non-Authors who pay a monthly subscription fee for the rights to view content made available to the Member Pool. All authors contributing content to the Member Pool are entitled to a share of the total revenue collected for subscriptions, based on their content's usage. Members can login as a subscribed member to view content assigned to them and also view their usage and purchase history.

DRM Tokens

DRM tokens are assigned from the sale of Products... each page or collection of pages is advertised for sale in the online catalogue. When a user purchases a token they can then access the page/collection assigned. Guest Video DRM tokens are not transferable and cannot be shared. In fact they are not like any other DRM because rather than distibute a token file that can be shared/exploited, Guest Video DRM locks to the user's unique computer signature. Token users can log in to view their usage and which tokens are available to them, but cannot access the Member Pool without a member Subscription.

Product Catalogue

Pages or Collections of pages can be added as a Product that appears in the Online Catalogue, which can be sorted by category and searched by keyword.


None really because page creation and management is designed for anyone to use and they cannot break anything. The pages that are created can be viewed on all computers and devices including mobile phone, while enforcing the most robust copy protection ever imagined.

However, while not being able to use a normal web browser may seem like a limitation, and having to use the ArtisBrowser may seem like a chore, but it is actually a blessing because all other web browsers are totally useless for copy protection.

ArtisBrowser Download

The latest version of ArtisBrowser for your device can be downloaded from

Copy Protected Web Hosting Pricing

DEDICATED $120/month Unlimited use and downloads ($125 setup fee)
PREMIUM $50/month Commission free Token sales ($25 setup fee)
FREE $0/month 20% deducted from Token sales ($25 setup fee)
DEMO $0/month 14-day trial account ($1 validation fee)

Protected Web Hosting Evaluation

A FREE 14-day trial for evalation can be registered at

WordPress Plugin

A WordPress plugin is available for embedding Guest Video media on WordPress pages and posts.

Frequent Questions and Answers

  • Can the protected PDF and video pages be displayed on my existing website?

    Yes. Guest Video content can be displayed in an iFrame on any web site. However due to Apple iFrame restrictions those iFrames will need some special treatment for iOS and Mac devices if DRM is required. WordPress sites can use our Guest Video Protection plugin. Custom designed sites can add some code to the main page hosting the iFrame. Plugins for other CMS may be available on request... simply ask.

  • Can DRM tokens be resold like with NFT tokens?

    Yes and no. Once a token is claimed by the user, ie: when they login using ArtisBrowser and have their unique computer signature recorded, that token cannot be shared with other users. However it could be resold with the Author's cooperation, in which case the Author can edit the Token to remove your ownership, thus making it available for the next person to claim.

  • Can copy protected web pages be searched via Google?

    No. Copy protected pages are encrypted and only accessible via ArtisBrowser. However any page made for "public" viewing will most certainly be accessible and optimised for SEO.

  • Does copy protection slow down page delivery to the online viewer?

    Not at all. ASPS page encryption has minimal impact on page delivery times. In fact you should find that Guest Video pages are 3 times faster than any WordPress website including those running PageSpeed and Caching service/plugins.

  • Can our own developers customise or add plugins?

    No. Guest Video websites are a complete package. The only thing that can vary between sites is the configuration for domain, SSL, payment gateway and theme.

  • Can the website package (CMS) be purchased for use on another server?

    Yes. But the price is negotiable and dependent upon access to that server. It is most unlikely that you will ever find a dev that can cater for the languages used for this solution, the complexity of installing ASPS and/or catering for uploads to the Cloud. Only our dev team can do that. For more info please use our Contact Form to outline your project.

  • Can I host media on my own website or file service?

    Yes. But it is not recemmended because uploads to our Cloud server are protected from direct access. Also, if you are uploading PDF then you will have cross-site and CORS issues. Whereas Guest Video uploads are specially designed to protect file locations and cater for huge file sizes without data usage limits.

  • I have a lot if videos, can I upload in batches?

    Yes. However common sense should be used when dealing with large files and large numbers of files because smaller batches will be easier to deal with in case an errors occur and anything can occur at the worst time such as packet loss, routers dropping out or being reset at one the many checkpoints between your location, your ISP's location and the server.

  • How secure are the files that I upload to the Cloud server?

    Most secure! Only can upload files for your use and those files can only be displayed from your web page. They cannot be downloaded directly or displayed on another website. Other authors cannot see your files at all.

  • What happens to my files if I close the account?

    When you close an Author account, admin will delete your records from the system using a function that removes all database records and all files pertaining to your account. That cleanup is not reversible so if you need a backup, please contact the site admin using the online contact form.

  • Is it possible to export my Author data and files to a dedicated site?

    A dedicated site can be exported to a new or additional dedicated site, but the data and files from an Author account on the parent site ( cannot be imported into a new instance for a dedicated site. But it is not impossible... it wcould require a lot of work by our developers which is billable.

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