Changes and Revision for CopySafe Video

Version History:

2023-05-03 CopySafe Video Player 9.1 released with security enhancement.
2023-03-05 CopySafe Video Player 9.0 released with security enhancement.
2022-02-10 CopySafe Video Player 8.0 released with faster initialization.
- Relaxed permission reqirements for installation.
- Requires Windows 7 or later.
2021-07-16 CopySafe Video Player 7.6 released with minor security enhancement.
- New speed control for fast forward/back.
2021-07-07 CopySafe Video Player 7.5 released with minor security enhancement.
- New option for rotating watermark postion every few seconds.
2021-06-16 CopySafe Video Player 7.4 released with minor enhancements for:
- DRM whitelisting, cross-linked groups and multiple computer allowances.
2021-05-01 CopySafe Video Player 7.2 released with some minor fixes:
- Corrected video scaling in the Player for Windows XP.
- Added missing component for Windows 7.
- Added resource integrity checks.
2021-04-10 CopySafe Video 7.0 released and incompatible with version 6.0!
- New watermarking options.
- Suitable for Encoding all video files up to 1 GB and more.
- Almost no file size increase after encoding.
- Improved copy protection.
- Improved buffering for online viewing from web pages.
2020-11-11 CopySafe Video Player 6.2 released with improved copy protection.
2020-09-12 CopySafe Video Player 6.1 released with improved start time on play.
2020-08-30 CopySafe Video 6.0 released with improved security and DRM.
2020-01-01 CopySafe Video Encoder 5.0 released with improved quality/sync. Requires Player 5.0.
2019-05-17 CopySafe Video 4.0 released. Encoding incompatible with earlier versions.
2019-02-14 CopySafe Video "eVideos" added to the CopySafe Online Store.
2019-01-15 DRM for CopySafe Video integrated with the CopySafe PDF DRM portal.
2018-10-01 Version 3.0 CopySafe Video Encoder and Player released.
2017-05-30 Version 2.0 CopySafe Video Encoder and Player released.

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