Reseller Sales Tracking

Commissions are paid for sales referred from the web sites of resellers and other approved agents.

ArtistScope maintains an in-house affiliate sales tracking scheme that records online sales referred from the sites of registered affiliates. By displaying ArtistScope advertising banners and links that contain personalized tracking codes, visitors who click any of these banners will be directed to the ArtistScope order pages and any sales and commissions that arise from such visits are be tracked and recorded against the affiliate’s account.

Affiliate Requirements

Anyone can apply to join the ArtistScope Affiliate scheme.

  1. Register online and verify your email.
  2. Nominate a Paypal account to receive commission payments.
  3. Select the banners/links to use on your website.
  4. Receive 20% on software purchases made by your site visitors.
  5. Visitor's tracking cookie is valid for 45 days from their first visit.
  6. Each affiliate has a unique ID and reporting pages.
  7. Commissions are paid monthly (minimum payout).

Frequent Questions and Answers

How long before an account is approved?
After confirmation of registration from our email followup, as long as it takes for our team to check your details and the suitability of the website that you nominated.
As software resellers we prefer a more exclusive arrangement.
ArtisScope does not need exclusive agents when clients in every country cvan be serviced directly. Evryone worldwide can communicate in any language and purchase via either credit card, Paypal or bank transfer. ArtistScope has been marketing niche software worldwide since 1998 and the best support is provided by the team who understands how they work. However anyone can apply to be an affiliate and earn commissions. This is the only offer acceptibele to us.
How long before commissions are paid?
Commissions are paid at the end of each month based upon confirmed sales, that is, sales that have been confirmed by the client signing our sales agreement and successful delivery/installation.
Please explain about the client's signed sales agreement?
All purchases over $35 require that the client sign our sales agreement which basically agrees that they have indeed evaluated the software prior to purchase, deemed it suitable for their intended use and are who they claim to be.
Is there a minimum qualification before commissions is paid?
Yes. Commisssion is not paid on the first sale until a subsequent sale is made. Also, the minimum payout is $100 so your account needs to accrue/mature to be eligible for payment.