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ArtisBrowser secure web browser for copy protection

ArtisBrowser Secure Web Browser

ArtisBrowser provides the most secure copy protection environment imaginable, securing all media and information that can be displayed on a web page. Ideal for corporate networks or almost any type of web site that needs to prevent the copy and redistribution of copyrighted or intellectual property. ArtisBrowser succeeds where all other web browsers have failed... to protect the livelihood of merchants and artists on the Internet.

ArtisBrowser is designed to maximize security and consequently is enabled with the tools and functionality to explore your web site but not copy or save your content in any way, unless you specifically allow it. No plugins need to be installed and no functions can be disabled or removed because the components that provide your copy and access protection are an integral component of ArtisBrowser which will not run without them.

Why use ArtisBrowser?

No other web browser can provide protection from all methods of copy and media exploit.

Especially designed to work with the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS), the ArtisBrowser is the only browser that protects data from all avenues of exploit, including packet sniffing when SSL is used. The ArtisBrowser, when used with ASPS, provides the most secure tunnel between web server and web browser.

ArtisBrowser Features

When viewing normal web pages, ArtisBrowser behaves like a normal web browser with all of the features found in the popular web browsers, except for caching. Caching can reduce  download times on page revisits when exploring ad-infested web sites, but the type of web sites that one might use ArtisBrowser for should not need caching in today's Internet environment.

When viewing ASPS or CopySafe web pages, ArtisBrowser switches to protection mode and removes all the tools and options that can be used to print, save and exploit web page content. Different pages can require additional protection settings such as:
  • Allow/disallow PrintScreen and screen capture
  • Allow/disallow keyboard for web forms
  • Allow/disallow printing
  • Allow/disallow saving
  • Allow/disallow remote viewing

ArtisBrowser Support

ArtisBrowser is supported on all Windows versions since Windows XP with full support for HTML5 video, Java Flash and NPAPI plugins.

ArtisBrowser Licensing

The ArtisBrowser is a free download to the public.

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  • Copy protect all media
  • Copy protect Flash
  • Copy protect images
  • Copy protect JavaScript
  • Copy protect video
  • Copy protect source code
  • Copy protect text
  • Prevent all copy
  • Prevent all save
  • Prevent cache memory
  • Prevent drag-n-drop
  • Prevent printing
  • Prevent PrintScreen
  • Prevent remote view
  • Prevent right click options
  • Prevent screen capture
  • Prevent screenshots
  • Prevent screen recording
  • Prevent view source


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Copy Protect PDF
Copy Protect Video
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