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CopySafe PDF Changes and Updates

CopySafe PDF Changes and Revision

The current version of CopySafe PDF Reader is

Version History:

2017-02-07 Reader fixes a DRM bug.
2016-08-03 Reader installer includes revised PDF support (exe still
2015-06-15 Reader installer includes revised font support  (exe still
2014-01-19 PDF Reader
- Corrected Portuguese Brazil language module.
- Language menu now displays language name and country name.
- Shows total document pages as well as current page number in status bar.
- PDF resource update for image and printer support.
2013-12-31 PDF Reader includes page numbering and new languages for...
- Croatian
- Czech
- Greek
- Indonesian
- Korean
- Malay
- Taiwanese
- Turkish
2013-12-09 Moodle module is now available for Moodle web pages.
2013-11-23 PDF Reader fixes a bug that caused print crashes.
2013-11-15 DotNetNuke module released for Nuke web pages.
2013-10-27 Drupal, Joomla and Wordpress modules upgraded for Reader
2013-10-24 PDF Reader to support Windows 8.1
- Added CSHelper service monitor.
- Revised zoom tool so that bookmarks/pages remain at selected size.
- Added option of backspacing to previous bookmark.
- Revised protection for remote-assistance.
- Silent install for network deployment by using SCCM.
2013-05-22 New extension released for using CopySafe PDF in Drupal websites.
2013-05-21 Fixed bug in Joomla extension so that uploads can be deleted.
2013-05-13 PDF Protector fixes activation/license file error.
2013-05-08 PDF Reader resolves issues with browser plugin for IE.
2013-04-05 PDF Protector fixes 64-bit anomaly
2013-04-03 Joomla and WordPress modules for adding protected PDF to web pages.
2013-04-03 PDF Reader revision:
- Updated to support the latest Protector output.
- Added support for HideName switch (name in reader header).
2013-04-03 PDF Protector is a major upgrade:
- new options for creating protected PDF that can be read from web pages.
- includes new wizard to cater for new features and three (3) output formats.
- import and batch processing by folder with sub-folder structure maintained.
2013-03-03 PDF Reader revision:
- Improved support for Asian fonts, notably Chinese and Taiwanese.
- Improved document view and print count and limitations
2013-02-02 New web browser plugin plus many new DRM features.
2013-01-16 PDF Reader includes a host of new features:
- Windows 8 support
- ENC email attachments can now be opened from all email clients
- Added support for new languages
- Cyphers upgraded to 128bit AES block encryption
2012-01-12 PDF Reader - bug fix for document search
2011-12-14 PDF Reader - bug fix for bookmarks plus new silent header title
2011-10-22 PDF Reader - corrects Italian translations.
2011-10-01 PDF Reader - fixes missing minus (-) sign in some formulas
2011-09-21 PDF Reader fixes memory problem.
2011-09-09 PDF Reader  more...
- Completely new rendering base using floating point coordinates.
- Improves support for embedded fonts, such as subset fonts.
- Support for Type 3 fonts.
- Faster display of large JPEG images and anti-aliased monochrome images.
- Support for LAB colors and transparent colors.
- Updates search and highlighting functionality.
- Multi-threaded window for quicker scrolling and zooming actions.
2011-06-30 Additional admin options and improved security for DRM management
2011-05-13 Reader registry fix when upgrading from old version. No version change.
2011-05-03 PDF Reader fixes blacked out buttons in Outlook.
2011-03-03 New installers for deployment to hundreds of computers.
2011-02-17  PDF Reader now includes eleven (11) popular languages.
2011-01-31 PDF Reader includes German language pack and fix for printing range.
2011-01-19 PDF Protector includes new COM interface for command-line use.
2011-01-17 PDF Protector fixes bug with command-line batch processing.
2011-01-16 PDF Reader now includes French and Spanish language packs.
2011-01-12 PDF Reader includes Arabic, Chinese and Japanese language packs.
2010-12-20 PDF Reader includes support for 16-bit (low resolution) monitor settings.
2010-12-07 PDF Reader fixes SSL bug when connecting to the DRM validation site.
2010-11-26 PDF Reader and Protector 2.0 is released as a major upgrade.
2010-10-29 PDF as EXE is no longer supported due to mail attachment restrictions.
2010-09-03 CopySafe PDF Protector includes command-line options in the one bundle.
2010-07-11 Includes new document converter to create PDF from most file types.
2009-06-29 Version 1.4 released with improved font support.
2009-02-24 Version 1.3 released with support for Document Rights Management.
2008-07-03 Fixed start menu blackouts when running CopySafe.
  Protector window optimized for better spacing between panels in GUI.
  Corrects calendar spacing and includes allow remote viewing option.
2008-06-28 Command line version for DOS command, scheduled task and scripted pages.
2008-06-05 Revises documentation and added option for "open folder location".
  Adjusts scroll bar spacing in converter window.
  Updated resource DLL to resolve mouse scrolling errors after 850 pages
2008-05-28 Version fixes remote viewing capture and password crunch error.
2008-03-24 Protector updated to include batch import and processing of PDF documents.
  Installers updated for program shortcuts and modified registry keys for error logging.
2007-12-27 Version released to Copy Protect PDF documents.

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