Domain Lock : Locking Media To A Web Site

Domain lock was invented for the very first image protection software in 1998. While encrypted images displayed in a Java applet could not be copied, the encrypted image cold be downloaded and displayed elsewhere online, except with "domain lock" the images are encrypted for the intended web site only.

Domain Lock prevents unauthorized use on other domains

Domain Lock is the process of encrypting web media so that it can only be displayed from your domain. Even to this day, ArtistScope's "domain lock" remains unparalleled and today ArtistScope employs domain lock in copy protection software for displaying encrypted images, PDF and video on web pages.

How Domain Lock works

Web media such as images, PDF and video is encrypted using the licensee's domain name as the decryption key. When that media is displayed on a web page the applet or object displaying it checks the host name of the web site and uses its domain name as the decryption key. If the domain is not a match to the decryption key, then the media cannot be displayed.

How effective is Domain Lock?

Domain Lock is the ideal solution for ensuring that media downloaded from a website can only be viewable from the web site that owns it, thus preventing plagiarism and unauthorized distribution of one's livelihood.

How secure is Domain Lock?

Domain-locking is only as secure as the media and its viewer. For example, if the media has been encoded using JavaScript, then it will be the easiest to decode. Likewise if the media is played in a Flash viewer there is software available on the web for decoding it to remove any protection. Flash has become a popular presentation tool, but it was never designed to be secure.

Why our Domain Lock is truly secure

ArtistScope encrypted images can only be decrypted by our ActiveX and/or Java applets, depending on the user's platform. These are 1,000 times more secure than JavaScript and Flash encoding. In fact there is no risk at all because decompiling will not yield an algorithm that can be used even with the computer resources of NASA.

Encrypted media is most secure while stored on the web server and are protected from distribution even from your employees, webmaster and staff... everyone who has access to the server.

Domain Lock software

ArtistScope software that utilizes the most effective domain lock solutions includes Secure Image Pro, which is for general image encryption and is supported across all platforms, along with CopySafe Web which is the most secure copy protection software for images, CopySafe PDF which is the most secure copy protection software for PDF and ebooks, and CopySafe Video which is the most secure copy protection software for video.

Browser support

Secure Image supports all commonly-used browsers on Windows, Linux and Mac computers. Our other copy protection solutions are for Windows only because the include the most robust protection from all copy including screen capture and DRM that locks media to a user's computer... OS other than Windows, especially those used on amusement devices like mobile phones, cannot be properly protected and attempting to do so would only provide an opportunity for exploit what are otherwise the most secure copy protection solutions on the planet.

Note: As of late 2015 all of the popular web browser dropped support for real browser plugins (NPAPI) that could interact at system level. Today they only support JavaScript/HTML based apps that can run on mobile phones. Consequently the popular web browsers cannot be used with any effective copy protection solution. But all is not lost because ArtistScope provide the ArtisBrowser which unlike the other browsers, has been specially designed to protect web media.