Copy Protect Video Plugin for WordPress

Wordpress plugin for ading CopySafe VideoThis plugin enables the insertion of CopySafe Video files into WordPress posts and pages from the WordPress page editor. Without this module adding HTML to activate a browser plugin would be an arduous task, even for experienced web developers. But that task has been greatly simplified.

Simply upload the protected video file that was created by the CopySafe Video Encoder, nominate the protection settings to use, then the editor will place the generated shortcode at the cursor position. Your protection settings can be modified at any time by simply editing the shortcode in HTML view.

  • Copy protect video files displayed online.
  • Safe from PrintScreen and all screen capture software.
  • Protected videos cannot be retrieved from browser cache.
  • Domain-locked videos cannot be displayed elsewhere.
  • Encrypted videos stored on the server are safe from webmasters.
  • Encrypted videos cannot be saved or scraped.
  • Watermark displays user's details.

How this WordPress plugin works

When editing a page or post, you can insert the short code by clicking on the [Video] icon above the HTML editor toolbar where the cursor was last placed in the text area. After uploading or selecting an existing video class file (from a previous upload), you can then nominate the security settings to use for the page or post. Different pages can use different security and display settings:

 Width  Width in pixels of the video viewing area
 Height   Height in pixels of the video viewing area
 Allow Remote  Prevent computers using remote or virtual access
 Watermark  Displays user's details

Video Watermark

With this plugin you can set font-size, font-color, position and opacity for the watermark which will be dynamically filled with the user's details. Non-logged in users will have their IP address and data overlaid, while logged in users will have ID, name and date overlaid.

CopySafe Video Licensing

The CopySafe Video Encoder enables the encryption of video files for desktop play and distribution by email, download and disk with copy protection options and the ability to assign DRM control. It can also convert protected video for display online, from a web page, using the web browser plugin included with the ArtisBrowser.

Every CopySafe Video Encoder license provides for unlimited use and includes free DRM hosting to manage subscribers. But it does not include licensing for online display using Domain Lock. If the Encoder is unlicensed video created for online viewing will be limited to 2 minutes play time. ArtistScope polices the use of domain lock in CopySafe Video by requiring the registration of each web site (fee applies).

CopySafe Video Plugin Detection

When CopySafe Video is used on a web page, if a visitor does not have the browser DLL installed, they are redirected for download and install instructions. This WordPress plugin includes everything needed for this task including download and error pages.

WordPress Demo Example

This plugin can be seen in action on our WordPress demo site.

Download the CopySafe Video plugin for WordPress

The download file below is a self-extracting ZIP file, which contains that is the package to upload to your website. Also included in the main ZIP is the install instructions.

WordPress plugin  CopySafe Video for WordPress   Download 

Install Instructions For WordPress

Video Tutorial: How To Copy Protect Video on WordPress Web Pages

You can unzip this file and upload via FTP or you can upload it and unpack it on the site from a file manager or Webmin. The download file contains the user-guide, sample video file for localhost and which is the install file. After installation, you should see a new folder with its contents at:


Next, create a new folder in your uploads folder and set write permissions on it:


To complete installation you can now go to your WordPress dashboard and view your plugins list. Here, you can click to "activate" CopySafe Video, after which a new menu item will appear in your left hand column. By expanding your menu item for CopySafe Video you will see 2 new menu items, one for Default settings and the other to List Uploaded Files.

CopySafe Video Plugin Modes

There are 3 mode settings to choose from in the plugin's default settings:

  • Demo : This option will add a placeholder image at the designated location.
  • Licensed : To use encrypted video created by the CopySafe Video software.
  • Debug : Use this option to check the HTML code that is added.

Using the CopySafe Video WordPress Plugin

You can create or edit an existing page or post and add copy protected video by uploading or selecting an already uploaded video class file. Look for the [Video] icon beside the media upload icon.

Note: that you can only upload encrypted video that have a [vid.class] file extension.