CopySafe Now Safe From ALL Screen Capture

June 2006
CopySafe is now safe from ALL screen capture.

CopySafe Web Protection version 3.0 is secure from all screen recorders and screen capture software.

The copy-cat solutions imitating CopySafe rely on detecting software from a list of apps. Unfortunately for them and their users, such a list can never include all the different apps and renamed instances, which is an easy method for evading such detection... simply change the name of the exe file.

Instead CopySafe Web Protection interacts at system level to control the clipboard and other parts of memory that are used to manage and manipulate screen copy. Consequently CopySafe Web Protection cannot be exploited, which sets it apart from all other copy protection software.

With CopySafe Web Protection, while your site visitor is viewing your images, they can see but will not be able to touch. They cannot copy the image in any way, even by using print screen or special screen capture software.

  • New batch import wizard and slideshow option.
  • Supported across Internet, intranet, SSL and CD.
  • Show preview when selecting an image.
  • Show rulers for pixel size.
  • Resizable work area to suit your screen size.

CopySafe Web Protection can be used in any portal system, including those for online surveys, shopping carts and e-commerce. To set up a CopySafe Insert in a shopping cart, online catalogue or survey, all you need to do is add some HTML code to your page template. Different levels of copy protection can be assigned to individual pages for enable/disable menus, keyboard and capture.


The good news for developers is that CopySafe Web Protection Plugin functions can be used like any Windows application.

If developing a website, you will find CopySafe most effective even when using every day HTML. The additional functionality provided by scripting languages such as ASP, .NET, ColdFusion, PHP, CGI, etc. can enhance the security of the whole page and all of its content. Code snippets and instructions for use with ASP and FrontPage are provided with your software for easy conversion to your desired language.

If your program runs on Windows, we can protect whatever your software displays. Within a local viewer, CopySafe Web Protection can copy protect from all saving mechanisms including print screen, screen capture and video capture, making it the most secure copy protection software imaginable.


A CopySafe Web Protection license includes free support and upgrades indefinitely. Plug-ins are regularly updated to cater to environmental changes and are provided freely to all users from dedicated download servers. Moreover, you can also customize the plug-in service to deliver from your own website.

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