Document Rights Management for Total Control of PDF

July 2008
Document Rights Management (DRM) for PDF.

ArtistScope DRM for PDF is a total control solution for the Digital Rights Management of documents, images and web pages wherein an author can assign different permissions per user or a group of users. When copy protection and DRM rights are assigned the document becomes "for their eyes only" and any copies of that document that were forwarded to others will not be viewed by those people, unless they also have access rights to do so.

The creation of user accounts, document conversion and distribution can be managed online from any computer in the world. Create new users, assign administrators and other special users permitted to submit publications, update document permissions or suspend document availability at any time.

CopySafe PDF DRM options

  • Restrict which users or groups can view a document or web page
  • Set expiration on a document validated by time server
  • Allow or limit the number of views of documents per user or group
  • Allow or limit the number of prints of documents per user or group
  • Allow or limit access to documents by IP number or network
  • Allow or limit a user to add/edit documents for shared distribution
  • Create member accounts for authoring documents
  • Upload, convert and protect almost any type of document
  • Encrypt and copy protect from all saving and copy methods
  • Prevent Print Screen, screen capture and remote viewing

The ArtistScope DRM control panel can be translated into more than 25 different languages automatically. When the multi-language support option is enabled, all windows and messages (including member email notices) are translated to the user's language.

While access rights to view a document can be restricted for each unique computer, access to your upload pages can be acquired from any computer in the world, even from an internet cafe. No special software is required for your computer because it is provided from this server. After uploading an image, you have different options depending on the level of protection that you desire.

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