DRM For PDF Is Now Affordable by Everyone

June 2010
Total Control DRM now affordable to Everyone.

Brisbane, AU June 25, 2010 – ArtistScope DRM for the Digital Rights Management of both PDF documents and web content is now available and is an affordable solution for everyone to use. Instead of spending thousands of dollars for software and a dedicated server, authors can now start protecting their livelihood by only paying per view.

An author can publish securely copy protected PDF documents within hours. PDF documents are not only protected from all manner of copying their content but they are also protected from the copy and redistribution by unauthorized users to others.

ArtistScope DRM is a total control solution comprised of a sophisticated suite of tools that enable authors to upload documents and images from a web page to be encrypted and assigned access rights permissions. The solution is unique in that all document conversions, regardless of file type and the ultimate encryption for distribution are performed server side.

ArtistScope DRM utilizes the most secure CopySafe Runtime for the copy protection of documents, images and web page content. CopySafe is safe from all copy and saving, including Print Screen and screen capture software. Today, claims of being safe from screen shots are used by a lot of products and are merely false advertising. In fact, all other copy protection solutions fall way short of the mark in comparison to the CopySafe copy protection software, which was first introduced in 1998 and has evolved to provide the most secure environments.

Almost any type of document can be protected by ArtistScope DRM. Authors can upload a variety of document types and have them encrypted for DRM format for view by CopySafe PDF Reader (a free download to the public). During the encryption process, the document's signature and security code is embedded, so that when and if it were tagged for DRM, then the Reader will query the online database, check the rules assigned to the document and or user/group permissions, and then allow/disallow access to the document according to those rules.

The most amazing feature of ArtistScope DRM is that a PDF document can be uploaded and managed from anywhere in the world, with immediate effect over any changes, even on documents that were already distributed to the end user, giving the author total control at all times.

ArtistScope DRM Features:

  • Restricts which users or groups can view a document.
  • Sets expiration on a document as validated by independent time server.
  • Allows/limits the number of views of documents per user or group.
  • Allows/limits the number of prints of documents per user or group.
  • Allows/limits access to documents by IP number or network.
  • Allows/limits a user to add/edit documents for shared distribution.
  • Creates member accounts for authoring documents.
  • Uploads, converts and protects all types of documents.

Ordinarily, such a complex solution would be installed on a client’s server and accessed directly from their own network, but ArtistScope DRM has been especially designed to cater for multi-tiered user groups, catering to millions of authors, groups, users and documents.

The ArtistScope DRM solution has been in service since 2008 and is utilized by a variety of different industries and different media, supporting different various languages. Everyone will find the hosted DRM service most reliable and user-friendly. Control panel pages are available in 27 different languages with all screens and messages, including member notices, automatically translated to the language of the user.

With all core functions server side, super strength encryption and SQL injection filters used on all client-server messages, ArtistScope DRM provides the foundation for the most secure document rights management solution available today.

For more information, please see:

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