ArtistScope at the 2001 Seybold Show

September 2001
ArtistScope at the Seybold Show in San Francisco.

Visit the CrossMedia Magazine booth at the Seybold Show in San Francisco, Sept. 22-28 2001, (booth #424 in Moskone Hall).

CrossMedia will be running contests at their booth throughout the show and giving away fully licensed copies of Secure Image Pro, and ArtistScope's high-end "CopySafe Web Protection " DRM solution (a $1000 value).

About CrossMedia

As Richard Romano explains in his feature "Tag, You're It," (in the premiere issue) the new reality facing today's content creator is not just the message, but how that message is to be published. It is no longer sufficient for content creators to merely address the content of "the message" and to whom that message is targeted. Today, content creators must also address the medium on which that "message" is published. This decision is as important and imperative as the message itself, and it is the foundation of cross-media content creation. 

There are many interpretations of the term "cross media," but "to create once and subsequently publish to any device" seems to best define both the term and the future direction of content creation. But publish where? The possibilities are endless. With all of this in mind, creatives and print buyers need to ask this timeless question at or near the beginning of the design process: how will the audience use and access the information we are creating? 

CrossMedia magazine's mission is to help you sort out the future of publishing, to cut through the confusion and the complexity. Each issue of CrossMedia covers the technologies, tools, and techniques that you will need to know to work in print, web, and wireless graphics.

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