CopySafe Mail Is The Most Secure Webmail

September 2011
CopySafe Mail is more secure than all other web messaging services.

September 30, 2011 – ArtistScope, the pioneer of copy protection, now provides the most secure solution for messaging via the Internet. If you need to maintain confidentiality between yourself and your message recipients and are quite concerned about email messages falling into the wrong hands or that such espionage is even possible, then you need to start using CopySafe Mail.

If you are sending confidential mail via third party services like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail and you expect them to be disguised by the obscurity of your usage, being a billionth of their mail traffic and thus think that you go unnoticed, then you are a fool. It is highly recommended for you to start using CopySafe Mail.

On the other hand, you should also start using CopySafe Mail if you use mail services within your own organization that are maintained by persons within your company, who are not privileged to read your mail to secure your documents.

CopySafe Mail not only provides protection of mail messages that are stored on the server, but it also protects the messages from getting downloaded to a user's computer. Other messaging services may encrypt and protect server-side content but then, they do expose them in client side readers and this means that the recipient is free to copy, print or forward their content to anyone that they please.

There are many document protection services that are available today and they are advertised as secure messaging services, when in fact, they are actually far from it. The target market for these services is obviously the least technically informed Internet users and while they may appear to a novice to be user-friendly and sophisticated, anyone who is a little tech-savvy about how web browsers and computers work will find that their messages are not protected at all.

* CopySafe mail is no longer maintained but anyone create something similar by running WebMail with SSL within a web site copy protected by the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS).

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