CopySafe Video Protection 3.0 With DRM Is Released

September 2018
CopySafe Video Protection 3.0 With DRM Is Released

September 30, 2018 – A new version of CopySafe Video Protection is released. CopySafe Video Protection provides the most secure video protection on the planet, safe from all copy and capture, and now includes optional DRM to prevent sharing and unauthorized distribution. CopySafe Video DRM can apply while online and offline.

CopySafe Video 3.0 licensees are provided with a free DRM portal to manage videos, users, groups and permissions. Similar to the DRM portal for CopySafe PDF Protection which has evolved to be the most sophisticated DRM solution for documents, the DRM portal for CopySafe Video Protection goes one better by providing DRM tokens for offline use as well as online validation.

  • Prevent all copy, PrintScreen and screen recording.
  • Limit access by number of views.
  • Expire by calendar date.
  • Expire by hours/days from first use.
  • Computer lock - cannot be shared.
  • Enable access by group or token.
  • Supported across all languages.
  • Online DRM portal included for free.
  • One-time purchase - support for life.
  • Offline DRM can be granted by token.

The CopySafe Video Encoder will import most video file types and encode them for display in the CopySafe Video Player which looks much like the Windows Media Player, except that while on display, the video cannot be copied in any way. If DRM is applied to the video, then the only users who can play that video are those approved by the author via his management console in the DRM portal for CopySafe Video Protection.

With DRM applied, the video file can be distributed by email, download or on disk without risk of piracy or unauthorized redistribution. The same file can be distributed to all users because it is their unique computer ID which identifies them as an approved user... not IP or network address like the psuedo copy protectors prescribe.

Authors have Total Control over all aspects with immediate effect on any changes made, even to videos out in the wild on CD or already saved to a user's computer. For example, any DRM video subscription can be cancelled at any time.

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