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Digital Rights Management (DRM) for eBooks and PDF documents
CopySafe PDF Released For PDF Protection
October 2007

CopySafe PDF released to copy protect PDF documents

The CopySafe PDF Reader was specially designed to protect PDF documents from all methods of copy and reproduction.

It is the only solution that will protect from all threats of copy, including Print Screen and screen capture. Other viewers only provide password, print, expiry and watermark options while CopySafe PDF includes them all.

The CopySafe PDF software will import existing PDF documents, and produce an encrypted PDF file that can only be opened in the CopySafe PDF Reader, which is ideal for distribution by download, email or on CD for all Windows versions.
  • Images and text cannot be copied
  • Optional password protection
  • Optional date expiration
  • Optional allow/disallow printing
  • Encrypted PDF files cannot be extracted

CopySafe PDF is now available for download and evaluation.

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