DRM for PDF Includes New DRM Management Options

February 2013
New DRM Features For All Document Scenarios.

February 2, 2013 – This most recent release of ArtistScope DRM introduces new features to all parts of the DRM service including server-side features, document conversion software and the CopySafe PDF Reader.

The most important and no doubt the most sought after new feature is the display of CopySafe PDF documents from web pages. Encrypted and copy protected PDF can now be displayed from any web page and be viewed in all popular Windows web browsers. At this point in time, the desktop software for document conversion for online display is yet to be released, but the server side version has been in operation since Christmas for services in Dubai, India, Nigeria and Australia.

Web page display of secure PDF has long been sought after. This new version was especially developed to cater to the requirements of a new online library opening in Nigeria on March 1st. The ReasearchClass site employed ArtistScope to push technology and provide online reading billable by time using clever algorithms. This caters to multiple readers but only bills the active window.

New Features for CopySafe PDF Reader version 3.0

  • Added support for Windows 8 (now supports all Windows since XP... 92% of net users).
  • Email attachments as .ENC files can now be opened from most email clients.
  • Added toolbar and message translations for many new languages.
  • New computer signature identification eliminates the chance of duplicate accounts.
  • Plugin support for web browsers to read protected PDF online from any web page.

As the latest reader uses totally different encryption algorithms than previous versions, any documents created by the new Protector software will require the new reader even though it is compatible with all previously published documents.

New Features for Authors Publishing DRM Protected eBooks

  • Bulk addition for new users from CSV file (requires admin privileges).
  • White-lists for non-group users can be applied per group or per individual document.
  • Two-column selection for easier management of white-list users.
  • Admin and authors are white-listed for access to all documents managed by them.
  • Computers assigned to an account can now be extended for up to 3 computers.
  • Users can now list all documents assigned to them, regardless of group or status.
  • New option for "PrintAnywhere" enables all printers including network and virtual printers.
  • New option for "AllowCapture" enables use of Print Screen and screen capture.
  • New web browser plugin enables display of protected PDF from web pages.
  • Domain-lock PDF so that it can only be viewed from your website.

The inclusion of web browser support for reading protected PDF online is a major innovation as no other "protect PDF" solution provides this support, that is, without using Adobe Reader files which are nowhere near as secure as CopySafe PDF Protection.

New Web Browser Plugin for Reading Protected PDF Online

Plugin support is now available for all popular web browsers and it is automatically installed with the CopySafe PDF Reader version 3.0. The new CopySafe PDF Protector software, both server and desktop versions, have the ability to encrypt and convert PDF for use for both online and offline distribution. However, the same files cannot be used for both online and offline reading as they are each specially designed for those different purposes.

One notable difference is that they use different file names so that authors can distinguish which is which. But the main functional difference is that while offline documents distributed as .ENC files can be DRM controlled, the protected PDF for online viewing are not controlled by DRM. Instead, they are controlled by the web page that displays them. That way, user access can be managed and controlled by already existent CMS solutions that web authors may already have in place. For example, WordPress webmasters will find that there is a WordPress plugin available that is specially designed for adding CopySafe PDF documents to their web pages and posts.

Different properties applied to web browser viewing:

  • Set the width and height for reader area to be displayed on the page.
  • Enable the use of Print Screen and screen capture per page.
  • Hard code the print limit per visit or set a variable limit based on count per user.
  • Enable the use of all printers including virtual devices per page.
  • Enable the use of remote view applications or virtual computers per page.
  • Nominate the background color used in non-page areas.
  • Nominate the language to be used in the toolbar and reader messages.

The Most Secure Method For Viewing Protected PDF Online

The CopySafe PDF approach to displaying PDF online is a no-nonsense solution that has all possible avenues for exploit covered. For example:

  • CopySafe PDF displayed online can only be viewed using the CopySafe PDF plugin.
  • While on display, CopySafe PDF contents cannot be copied or saved in any way.
  • CopySafe PDF read online cannot be retrieved from the web browser cache.
  • Even if downloaded by viewing source, the file cannot be displayed on any other website.

There is no doubt about it... CopySafe PDF is not only the most secure document protection solution, but it is also the most versatile!

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