Free DRM Service To Prevent Unauthorized Use Of PDF

November 2011
Free DRM Service for PDF and eBooks.

November 30, 2011 – ArtistScope, the pioneer in copy protection for the Internet, now provides a free DRM validation service for all users of CopySafe PDF Protection to prevent unauthorized sharing and redistribution.

CopySafe PDF Protection is a standalone application that can provide the most secure copy protection for all documents and eBooks distributed as PDF without any additional software or services. No other solution is capable of providing such a wide scope of copy protection for a document's contents while in full view on a user's computer. Although file protection is outside the scope of copy protection because it is based on prevention of file duplication to enable forwarding, CopySafe PDF Protection makes the prevention of unauthorized sharing and redistribution possible by enforcing user rights policy.

User rights policy can be enforced for eBooks and PDF by using ArtistScope DRM in conjunction with CopySafe PDF. ArtistScope DRM enables authors to have total control management over all user and document aspects with immediate effect. It can even be applied to documents that have already been downloaded to a user's computer. ArtistScope DRM is available to corporate clients for purchase and installation on their own servers and has in the past been provided as a hosted service from ArtistScope, servers. However, providing too many options can be confusing, so to simplify things, an author now only needs to acquire the CopySafe PDF Protector. DRM can then be utilized when you are already more familiar with how things work.

ArtistScope DRM is still available as a hosted service for those who need to protect one document. In this case, the expense of purchasing software can be avoided. But for anyone who is serious about preventing redistribution of documents, the DRM option is the way to go. For evaluation, it is possible to create a demo account. Otherwise, all licensees of CopySafe PDF Protection are now entitled to a free DRM account to use as they please. With such a DRM account, an author can:

  • Upload and convert PDF to copy protected document format
  • Manage user rights to open and print documents
  • Limit document usage to a number of views per user
  • Prevent printing or limit printing to a number of copies per user
  • Prevent onward forwarding and unauthorized sharing of a document
  • Control document usage by network and IP address
  • Cancel or suspend a user's rights to access documents with immediate effect
  • Remove or disable access to open a document
  • Manage and enforce expiration on users and documents for subscription control

Unlike other DRM solutions for documents, ArtistScope DRM cannot be exploited because it was designed to be very secure. Any similarity between the total control management provided by ArtistScope DRM and other DRM solutions is due to the efforts of those others who steal intellectual property.

Click to create a new demo account for PDF DRM.

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