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Digital Rights Management (DRM) for eBooks and PDF documents
Copy Protected PDF Viewed On Web Pages
12th April 2013

Copy Protected PDF Can Now Be Viewed On Web Pages

April 12, 2013 – A new version of CopySafe PDF is available for encrypting and protecting PDF for display on web pages. This new release includes plugins for all popular web browsers so that CopySafe PDF documents can be read from web pages. The new web viewer provides the same look, feel and functionality as the desktop reader, but instead of being configurable per document, the controls can now be set per page.

Both the reader and web plugins are included into the same installer. When visitors load a CopySafe PDF web page and they have not got the plugin installed, they will be redirected for the download and installation of the reader.

While the copy protection provided by the web page reader is the same as what the desktop reader provides, there are some notable changes to the control available to the website administrator. For example, with the CopySafe PDF Reader the use of DRM is managed remotely from an author's DRM Control Panel where one has total control of the settings and restrictions to apply to all documents and subscribers. But with the online display of CopySafe PDF that control is now in the hands of the web designer who can vary access and document properties per user and page used to display the document. In other words, when displaying CopySafe PDF from a web page, access control is not managed by a remote server but rather, it can now be managed by the web page as it loads.

Protecting PDF displayed online

CopySafe PDF Protector now includes 3 different output formats:
  • Copy protected for general distribution (saved as .enc).
  • Copy protected with DRM to prevent sharing (saved as .enc).
  • Copy protected for web page display (saved as .class).
Protected PDF for web display use a different file extension (.class) so that you can tell which is which and to avoid anomalies that can arise on some web servers that otherwise need to have their mime types updated before handling uncommon file types. 

Domain locking online PDF

Applying Domain Lock to PDF displayed from your web pages is most recommended otherwise users can display them on other sites where they can change settings to allow copy and capture. But with Domain Lock applied the PDF will not display unless it finds itself on the website that it belongs to. To prevent misadventure ArtistScope regulate the use of Domain Lock by providing special license files for each website and each document can be locked to as many as 3 sites simultaneously. License files for Domain Lock can be purchased online.

Upgrading from version 2

Removal of an earlier version of CopySafe PDF Protector is not necessary, in fact it is best if you install the new version over the top so that it can use the same license details and activation.

Add-ons for extending your CMS website

Add-on modules are now available to simplify the use of CopySafe PDF with WordPress and Joomla websites. Add-ons for DotNetNuke, Drupal, and Moodle will be available soon.

Click for more information about CopySafe PDF software.
Click for more information about DRM control for PDF.

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