ArtistScope now registers all Australian domain names

August 2002
ArtistScope accredited for all Australian domains.

As of Thursday 29th August, ArtistScope has partnered Enetica an accredited RSP for all Australian domain name types.

ArtistScope has been an RSP for all other domain name types since early 2000, and can now better service their Australian clientele with the names that all Australians associate with Aussie web sites.

In the past Australian domain names were restricted to registered business names, companies and trademarks, with proof of ownership having to be manually submitted for approval, a process that was slow and a chore for any applicant. The Australian naming right policy has recently been reviewed and it's now easier for Australians to get on with their Internet business.

Now as an Australian domain name RSP, and with in-house DNS and name server services, ArtistScope can get Australian (and other) domain names newly registered, renewed or transferred and visible on the Internet within the hour. In fact, if clients are in a real hurry, they can also be logging into their new web site within that same hour.

Registering domain names is not a critical mission for ArtistScope and therefore has little overhead (no need to advertise). Essentially an extension of existing services, ArtistScope can offer the most economical registration rates in Australia and globally for all domain name types.

Click for a list of available domain names.

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