ArtistScope Portable Media Released For DRM Protected Media Archives

October 2015
ArtistScope Portable Media For Offline Viewing.

October 8, 2015 – ArtistScope Portable Media (APM) enables authors to distribute Flash and video that can be read while offline (without Internet) while preventing sharing and unauthorized distribution. APM archive can display all types of media normally viewed from web pages.

APM provides protection for files containing media that can be distributed by email, download or on disk with optional DRM to prevent sharing. When used in conjunction with CopySafe PDF, CopySafe Video or CopySafe Web the media cannot be copied or screen recorded.

Non-DRM files can be password/expiry protected and viewed in the user's default web browser which is not ideal because popular browsers are designed to exploit media. However DRM protected files must be viewed in the ArtisBrowser where they cannot be shared and are very much more secure because the ArtisBrowser is especially designed to support copy protection. Regardless of DRM status, all APM files can be viewed while offline (not requiring Internet). For offline viewing of DRM files you as the author of the media can provide an Access Token for each user/file that will provide DRM permissions without checking the server.

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