ArtistScope Partners Zoo Communications

August 1999
First Reliable E-commerce in Australia.

Zoo Communications, a Sydney based advertising agency, has joined the ranks of the ArtistScope  team. ArtistScope will be providing the backend for hosting services to enable Zoo to provide more secure hosting services such as those for online credit card transactions.

ArtistScope  set up one of the first credit card gateways in Australia, and the only one that proved reliable, ie: wasn't always crashing when it counted. Zoo Communications, a licensed distributor for the Camtech gateway, now looks forward to providing secure services to their fast growing clientele.

The Camtech gateway was developed and maintained by a South Australian university, providing online credit card sales to Australian businesses many years before any Australian bank dared to try it. When those banks eventually got over their paranoia, there was no need for Camtech. However Camtech services online sales for many years and should be remembered as the pioneer of e-commerce in Australia. In fact they were deemed more reliable and more secure that PayPal who was just starting up at the time.

ArtistScope has been trading online, conducting credit card sales, since 1998 when they released their first image protection software. As with the demand for protection software, if nothing suitable was available, then ArtistScope would develop it. And so it was with e-commerce, using a CGI script instead of .NET applications that couldn't survive 24 hours before crashing.

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