CopySafe PDF Protection With Digital Rights Management

January 2009
CopySafe PDF Protector Now Enabled for DRM.

CopySafe PDF Protection, the most secure PDF document solution available today, now includes support for Digital Rights Management to prevent unauthorized redistribution.

CopySafe PDF Protection is the only truly secure solution for PDF security. While the mention of “protected PDF” usually means restrictions applied to normal PDF documents for simple password or expiration protection, these methods do not actually prevent a PDF document from being copied and redistributed.

CopySafe PDF properly protects PDF from all save and copy, including Print Screen and other screen capture software. No other PDF protection solution can rightfully claim to prevent all copying methods and many of them do, using weak and superficial techniques that may be effective against Print Screen but unfortunately, cannot deter those that use screen capture software.

CopySafe PDF Protector is now available with DRM options that give authors total control over all aspects with immediate effect on any changes made, even on documents still out in the wild or already saved to a user's computer..

While a copy protected document can be safe from all methods of reproduction, it can still be freely distributed, which means that anyone with a copy of the document can pass it along to others. Where DRM comes in is that the same document can now be protected from redistribution by assigning access rights and read permissions to individuals and /or specific groups of individuals.

Another new feature in CopySafe PDF is that when an expiry date is set by the author, then the expiry cannot be foiled by simply turning back the computer date. CopySafe PDF expiration is now validated by independent time servers, and when DRM is applied expiration can also be by days/hours from the user's first use.

To use CopySafe PDF with DRM control, you need a DRM management solution such as ArtistScope DRM. A fee DRM account is provided with every CopySafe PDF license which also includes free and unlimited support and upgrades for life.

Online DRM Demonstration

Site visitors can create a free demo account to be enabled to upload documents and images and then convert them to either protected document format or as protected web pages. Built upon the most secure solutions available today for the copy protection of PDF documents and web pages, ArtistScope DRM is the most secure DRM management solution imaginable.

DRM Demo Features

  • Upload and encrypt many types of images and documents
  • Assign access rights to groups or individuals
  • Zip and send protected PDF by email to your subscribers
  • Create and manage paid subscriptions

CopySafe PDF Protection, which will encrypt and convert PDF to protect them from all copying, printing, PrintScreen and screen capture software, is now available for command-line operation for use on web servers for integration into CMS for in-house DRM management.

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