Secure Image Protection available for Mac OS

September 2000
Secure Image Pro now available for Mac OS

Mac users no longer need a PC to process their image encryptions for use on the web.

Secure Image Protection uses a security applet specially designed for images. Unlike normal applets, the image paths and source file locations are not given in the applet's parameters (html view). Recommended as exemplary image protection for photographers and advertising professionals, Pro uses Java 1 encryption to support Mac as well as PC visitors.

The protection options available in the software include domain lock, targeted hyperlink on the image, and several display options, status messages, picture frames, batch file import and processing and multi-registry for use on several domains. Instead of placing a normal image onto the html page, the image is first encrypted for insertion into a viewer. It is the applet viewer that sits on the page replacing the image. The encrypted image is unusable unless displayed from its viewer. It is only the encrypted images that are uploaded to the server, so the master images are safe from all users and viewers, including webmasters.

Secure Image Protection can be used to protect images when displayed on a web page online, or even when sending the page by email. Notwithstanding the usual considerations of transmitting attachments via email, there are no limitations to the file size of the image displayed. When a visitor downloads the first protected image from your site, the Java support files (12k) are also downloaded but are served from cache for the next image.

Secure Image Protection for Mac OS program installs its own Java VM to ensure compatibility across platforms.

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