ArtistScope Partners OpenSRS As Domain Reseller

February 2000
ArtistScope accredited as domain reseller.

By partnering OpenSRS, ArtistScope is now an accredited RSP for most International domain names to better manage web services. ArtistScope currently maintain servers in the UK, USA and Australia for plugin downloads and site validation. Plug-in distribution and support is available worldwide through a network of registration servers strategically positioned for the best reception in all localities. The system also has fail-safe in that should any one of those servers be blocked, attacked or under maintenance, the plug-in will rotate to the nearest available server.

The servers that perform this operation are strategically positioned to ensure the best efficiency for all locations. For example, if you in the Antarctic, depending on which side you are on and your service provider, you may opt for either an Australian link or one from the USA.

The addition of authoritative DNS servers will most certainly ensure that changes to ArtistScope site routing will be effective immediately. Registration of domain names for use on other hosting services is also available.

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