Secure Web Hosting For Copy Protected Web Sites

May 2011
Hosting Services for Copy Protected Websites

May 18, 2011 – ArtistScope now provides business class web hosting services to support copy protectedwebsites. Site owners who do not want to get involved in maintaining their own web server can now use the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) web hosting plans for the most securely copy protected environment imaginable.

ASPS includes a new and dynamic web browser to provide the most secure copy protection environment, securing all media and information that can be displayed on a web page. Ideal for corporate networks or almost any type of website that needs to prevent the copy and redistribution of copyrighted or intellectual property, ArtisBrowser succeeds where all other web browsers have failed, which is to protect the livelihood of merchants and artists on the Internet.

Equinix server cabinetsThe ArtistScope server network for both Windows and Apache utilizes a Tier III data center at Equinix, and it is not cheap. Some of the biggest names in the industry host at Equinix. A short list of the companies utilizing this same network are IBM, Google, Sony, Yahoo!, Microsoft, XMRadio and YouTube.

For backup, each hardware node has a private connection to this network so as to not impact live network traffic.

ArtistScope's secure web hosting is not intended as a general hosting service, but rather to provide a service that is otherwise not available. The copy protection software that require a dedicated server and thus are available through a secure web hosting plan are:

Site owners who want to protect their livelihood can utilize copy protection and access rights solutions. However, their ultimate security cannot be maximized while they are still at the mercy of web browsers and numerous free add-ons that are particularly designed for pirating media and generally abusing usage policies.

Until the advent of ASPS and the ArtisBrowser, such was the case. The ArtisBrowser overcomes these problems because it is especially structured to enhance the security of web content rather than expose it. Otherwise, users will find that ArtisBrowser is comparable to every other web browser in terms of technology, performance and media support.

How the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) works

When your visitor loads your landing page, it can be launched in the ArtisBrowser automatically and they can explore your protected pages until arriving at a link to an unprotected page, in which case the unprotected page will open in their default web browser.

How ArtistScope Site Protection System works

Under no circumstances can a normal web browser display a protected web page, ensuring that your html, source code, images and any other media embedded on the page such as Flash or video files are protected from all avenues of copying.

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