Secure Image Now Manages Multiple Domains

November 1999
Secure Image manages multiple domain locks.

ArtistScope Secure Image 2.1 and Pro software can now manage several domains. 

The Secure Image Protection domain-locking feature has been further developed to allow encryptions that match several domain keys. Secure Image is the first Java applet system to enjoy this new functionality that was sparked by a user request for a custom version. 

Digital Marketing, America Online's marketing research division, required a customized version that converted the same set of images to be used on several of their development servers. To avoid preparing a different set of images for each site, ArtistScope developed the new registry system so that users could add as many sites as required to the program.

The same image can now be converted and used on all sites and still enjoy the protection of Domain Lock. Or alternatively, it can be locked to any one of the sites in the registry window.

Current registered users can purchase their extra site codes at discount prices. Free upgrades to the program are available to all current registered users. Developers wishing to include the new functionality in their own applets can email ArtistScope  for further details.

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