ArtistScope CD For Copy Protected CD Distributions

November 2002
ArtistScope CD to copy protect web media on disk.

ArtistScope CD allows the viewing of protected content in web browsers.

It can be used with either CopySafe Web Protection or Secure Image Pro, which are encapsulated into a compiled executable that contains your protected content and plug-in installers.

ArtistScope CD, which allows the viewing of protected content in all browsers, is not designed to prevent redistribution of the CD itself. Copy protection for the music industry has entirely different requirements, such as that what is on the CD cannot be burnt to other CDs and be freely redistributed. ArtistScope CD allows the redistribution of the CD (which has usually been released for promotional purposes) but it prevents the copying of individual components that could be otherwise used or sold in other projects.

ArtistScope CD creates a master file that can be copied to CDs for ease of distribution of product samples and catalogues. The individual images cannot be copied from the CD. To ensure that the content is properly secured, prior to processing by ArtistScope CD, your content such as images and pages can be copy protected using either CopySafe Web Protection or Secure Image Pro.

With the CD market having much more potential due to the royalties involved in music and video, there has been a lot of companies bidding for a piece of the action. Protecting the redistribution of music files by protecting the CD is an ongoing battle and always will be unless the player can be controlled. Increasing the penalties for redistribution and copyright breaches is the better way to go but is a lot more difficult because most people want something for nothing and will go to great lengths to get it.

* ArtistScope CD has since been superceded by ArtistScope Portable Media.

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