Free Online Book Cover Designer For Authors

November 2011
Free Online Book Cover Designer For Authors.

November 10, 2011 – Designed by artists for artists and authors, the new ArtistScope Book Cover Designer provides everything that one needs to create smart and professional looking book cover designs on the fly. No software is required as everything that you need is running on the server and accessible from a web page.

From a web page online, an author can upload new images to use, or select from more than 100 stock images. Images can be uploaded directly from digital cameras and may be cropped to remove unwanted areas and then resized for optimal web performance.

You do not have to be an artist to design a book cover with this new online tool. You can select from pre-made templates to use as a starting point and then simply change the image, colors and lettering to suit your book title. Or if you prefer more freedom in creating your eBook cover, you can start with a blank page and use an online editor that enables absolute freedom of selection for typefaces, size and colors.

The ArtistScope Book Cover Designer is integrated with the CopySafe PDF DRM service to enable authors to record and store their eBook cover designs for comparison and later use.

It is simple to use and allows the creation of several different designs for final selection of the design that you want to use. In fact, you can even send your designs to others by email for their approval, all from the same web page.

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