Secure Image with Watermarking and Command-line for SAAS

September 2008
Secure Image with Command-line (SAAS).

Secure Image Protection version 5.0 is now released for Software As A Service (SAAS) server integration.

With the latest developments made by ArtistScope, many additional features that are introduced such as water marking for Windows, Mac and Linux browsers, among many; this is a major revision that different individuals and companies will find very secure and useful. The new security applet is code signed to comply with Java 1.6 strict security restrictions and is fully compatible with images already encrypted by version 4 converters.

Command line operation

Secure Image Protection version 5.0 can now be operated in command line mode, run from the console, from .bat files or be used for online operation using a DLL interface. Convert single images or batch process by selected folder. Secure Image Pro command line can be interfaced from web pages for online gallery uploads and management on any type of web server including Windows, Mac and Linux.

What's new in version 5.0

  • Image watermarking option
  • Image encryption for JPG, GIF, PNG and TIFF images
  • Command line options for single file or batch conversions
  • File names optimized for automatic image sizing
  • Deliver instantly on the fly from the image file name only
  • Elevated runtime privileges for Java 1.6 and later
  • Image encryption software is supported across all platforms
  • Web page image viewer is supported across in web browsers

Secure Image Protection version 5.0 is a major upgrade and requires new registration. However, version 4 users are eligible to upgrade at a discounted price.

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