Live Customer Service For ArtistScope

May 2019
Live Customer Service Incorporated Into All ArtistScope Web Sites

May 30, 2019 – A live Customer Service chat box has been added to the bottom of all ArtistScope web site pages to provide live support while site visitors explore ArtistScope copy protection solutions.

Manned 24 x 7, our new live support service can cater for all languages on demand from a central support base.

To ensure that visitor contact details remain secure, instead of using a third party live chat service like most web sites do, the live support service used by ArtistScope was specially developed by ArtistScope and hosted on ArtistScope servers. That way our clients can be assured that their contact details and private discussions about their copy protection projects cannot fall into the wrong hands.

Shared services like live chat provided by third party providers can be used to collate contact details and sold to marketeers (spammers). As everyone has seen with most services, that is a common practice. However by using ArtistScope's in-house live chat service, confidentiality can be assured.

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