Neotrope Partnered For North American PR

August 2001
Neotrope assigned for North American PR.

LOS ANGELES, CA -- (PRnetwire) -- August 20, 2001 -- ArtistScope, the premier international digital rights management (DRM) solutions provider, today announced it has selected Neotrope ( to provide public relations and e-marketing for a broad range of DRM software aimed at protecting intellectual property from theft online.

ArtistScope selected Neotrope because of their their history of representing the technology sector. Neotrope is a marketing, brand development, and public relations company founded in 1983, and is a member of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA). Specializing in the technology sector, Neotrope has previously represented VARs, memory companies, PC manufacturers, and software developers.

"Neotrope has amply demonstrated an understanding of our market niche, and our target customer," said William Kent, president and founder of ArtistScope. "We are highly confident they will be successful in improving and expanding both our brand awareness and product penetration in North America."

"Digital Rights Management" is on the verge of coming into its own and bypassing the hype and quasi-pyramid-scheme groping for investor monies of the near past. The companies who are still on the map are those, like us, who are committed to the concept for the right reasons: we use what we develop on our own sites, and for our own clients. We know the technology, we know the customer, and we know the audience. Our systems work, and are affordable; and we stay apace with those who seek ways to get around DRM software."

"I think this is an exciting opportunity for us to make the ArtistScope copy protection software really well known to the content management community," said Christopher Simmons, President and founder of Neotrope. "The number one concern for artists and photographers, and really any company who wants to control use of their materials, is inarguably the management of 'who does what' with that content once it's made available."

"For any size business, choosing and controlling who can view, print, and/or copy materials is vital to any organization which may show pre-release or development content. It's not unusual for materials to 'float' to a competitor, even when the person or company allowed to view content has signed a NDA. With ArtistScope's CopySafe solution, all kinds of companies including the smallest, have a viable and affordable solution for keeping their proprietary information safe, while at the same time allowing certain authorized team members or potential clients to have limited access over the Internet."

"We're proud to have been selected to provide ArtistScope's PR and marketing services, and with DRM becoming more and more important, we feel it will be a pretty exciting project -- because it's a pretty exciting technology, and a valuable 'story that should be told.' It's really time for a lot of the corporate folks out there to wake up and realize that theft of content is easier than ever, and the tools to copy content without permission greatly exceed those to protect it by a factor of one hundred to one. Solutions like those from ArtistScope will become not only an important consideration on the DRM map, but a necessity for anyone who wants to remain in business and stay competitive in the new 'wired economy' of the 21st century."


Neotrope(tm) is a privately-held company founded in 1983 by marketing guru Christopher Simmons to provide advertising, marketing, PR, design and multimedia services for small business. Neotrope provides technology marketing and public relations to many companies, and is a member of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA). Neotrope president Christopher Simmons is a frequent author on the subject of intellectual property rights and digital rights management.

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