CopySafe Video Protection 5.0 Released With Improved Quality/Sync.

1st January, 2020 - CopySafe Video Encoder 5.0 released with improved quality/sync.

The CopySafe Video Protection software, which includes the CopySafe Video Encoder, the CopySafe Video Player and the CopySafe Video web browser DLL have been upgraded and released as version 5.0. This new version dramatically improves video quality with the option of varying the quality setting to better control the video file size. Picture and sound synchronization has also been improved, which was reported as a bug in version 4 that was revised to include a new proprietary buffering solution that was needed to quick start larger video files that were played online from a web page.

Playing video from embedded players on a web page requires that the video be downloaded before it can be used. Generally, playing normal (unencrypted) video doesn't pose problems with buffering, but encrypted video, especially those encrypted using military grade encryption, cannot start playing until fully decoded. Today's internet environment provides much faster download speeds and downloading 10-30 MB of videos doesn't take very long at all, but with some feature length videos which can be 300 MB or more, the download can take far too long. So version 4.0 introduced a new buffering system with revised encryption to enable larger videos to start playing with little delay. In fact the new buffering system was so efficient that 300 MB videos would initiate buffering sooner and start playing almost instantly when compared to say an 8 MB video. However with some video files the synchronization between sound and picture was lost when pausing and restarting the video. Version 5.0 now fixes that bug.

Due to the revised encryption process, any newly encoded videos will require the new CopySafe Video Player 5.0.

For online viewing, the CopySafe Video web browser plugin is shipped with the ArtisBrowser. For website owners using WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Moodle, free add-ons are available to greatly simply the uploading and placement of encrypted video onto web pages from the inline page editor. These plugins have been available for some time, but have been revised to include a new feature for nominating the minimum version required for ArtisBrowser access. That way site owners can ensure that their visitors have the latest browser plugin to view their protected video.

For more information, see CopySafe Video Protection.

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