The Most Secure Web Site Protection Imaginable

April 2011
The Most Secure Web Site Protection Is Released

April 28, 2011 – ArtistScope launches the most secure website protection system, enabling all media to be copy protected much more easily and securely than ever before, even more securely than ArtistScope's own CopySafe Web Protection technology.

The ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) includes a new and dynamic web browser to provide the most secure copy protection environment imaginable. It secures all media and information that can be displayed on a web page. Ideal for corporate networks or almost any type of website that needs to prevent the copy and redistribution of copyrighted or intellectual property, ArtisBrowser succeeds where all other web browsers have failed and that is to protect the livelihood of merchants and artists on the Internet.

The ArtisBrowser is designed to maximize security and consequently is enabled with the tools and functionality to explore your website. However, copying and saving your content in any way is not permitted, unless you specifically allow it. You do not need to install plugins and functions cannot be disabled or removed because the components that provide your protection are an integral component of ArtisBrowser and it will not run without them.

The ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) is built upon the most secure solutions for DRM and copy protection:

  • Provides copy protection from all copy and save including screen capture.
  • All media and content displayed on web pages can be copy protected.
  • Copy protect all types of movie files and video streams including conferences.
  • Protect source code, links and resources from downloaders and file grabbers.
  • Prevent data leakage, site scraping and data mining.
  • Secure delivery from server to browser with no cache retrieval.

Why use the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS)?

Today we have numerous brands of free web browsers that are all designed with the same goal in mind, which, unfortunately are just there to win a popularity contest. To enhance the popularity of those browsers, their makers continually add options to enable their users to easily find and copy any type of media, which poses a big problem for the owners and authors of copyrighted, commercial or intellectual property.

Site owners who want to protect their livelihood can utilize copy protection and access rights solutions, but their ultimate security cannot be maximized because they are still at the mercy of web browsers and numerous free add-ons that are specifically designed for pirating media and generally abusing usage policies.

The advent of the ArtisBrowser changed everything.

The ArtisBrowser overcomes these problems because it is especially structured to enhance the security of web content rather than expose it. Otherwise, users will find that the ArtisBrowser is comparable to every other web browser in terms of technology, performance and media support.

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