CopySafe Video 7.0 Released For Professional Video Publishers

10th April, 2021 - CopySafe Video now includes everything that a professional video publisher needs to protect their livelihood!

CopySafe solutions provide the most secure and most robust copy protection for media and the CopySafe Video Protection software caters especially for video. By popular demand CopySafe Video has been revised to include special features desirable to video publishers to distribute the highest quality video with the most effective protection from all avenues of piracy and exploit.

copy protect videoConsequently, while CopySafe Video is impossible to screen record when played on the desktop and online, optional watermarking has been included to prevent the recording of screens using video recording cameras. When DRM is applied the user’s name, account number and date can be displayed on the video, providing a powerful deterrent for copy and redistribution. When displayed from a website, the watermark will display the same user details if logged on, otherwise their IP address and date will be displayed.

Other enhancements include a new video encryption algorithm that increases the file size after encryption by no more than a few Kb even on extremely large files. No compression is used to achieve that, so there is absolutely no loss of quality... nothing is altered in any way when visibly compared to the original. With our new encryption algorithm, decryption by the client is almost immediate and without consuming computer resources, enabling authors to distribute video files of 1 GB and more.

Another unique feature of CopySafe Video Protection is that not only can it be viewed on the desktop, but it can also be viewed online from web pages. In fact there is no other solution that can display effectively copy protected video on web pages. And that gets even better because viewing encrypted video online usually requires that the file download finishes before it can be decrypted for viewing. However special buffering is now used in CopySafe Video that enables huge video files to start playing online almost immediately.

Publishers can distribute CopySafe Video with embedded protection from sharing by using passwords, or they can distribute with DRM that locks each user’s access to the video to their computer making it impossible to share the video even when sharing passwords.

CopySafe DRM is most unique in that it can provide DRM for both online and offline viewing. For offline DRM tokens can be collected by the user after logging into their DRM account. Online DRM is a live call-to-home validation request that empowers publishers with “total control” over all aspects, with immediate effect on any changes made, even to video files already saved to the user’s computer or still out in the wild on disk.

The CopySafe Video Encoder with encrypt single video files or in batches by folder selection, catering for all types of video file formats including ASF, AVI, MKV, MP4 and WMV.

Publishers can manage DRM from the online Control Panel that is provided with every CopySafe Video Encoder software licence. Such DRM accounts are unlimited in the number of videos, subscribers and groups that can be managed and DRM accounts are forever free, included with the one-time purchase that includes free support and upgrades for life... all for only US$295.

Note: CopySafe Video Protection requires a Windows computer. However both the Encoder and Player are supported on all versions of Windows including XP.

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