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Protect web pages from Prinstcreen and screen capture.
Screen Capture Can Now Be Prevented
June 1999

The door is closed on screen capture

Since the release of Secure Image, ArtistScope has been working on closing the remaining door on illegal image capture, the prevention of screen capture. 

Preventing screen capture is not a simple thing as the image appears in different areas of memory and Java cannot access system level commands. Several offshore programmers were invited to help develop a plug-in that controlled the clipboard and cache. After many dead ends, ArtistScope finally found a team in India who was interested in taking the job.

A plug-in that can put an end to copying now exists. However, the plug-in cannot do the entire job alone and should be used in conjunction with a special version of Secure Image. The combined effectiveness of the two systems creates a perfectly safe environment. The prototype has been tested against all known screen capture programs and is completely secure.

There is still some work to do in marrying the two systems. Then, ArtistScope has to set up support facilities and distribution for the plug-in. It will be available freely on the Internet to anyone visiting a protected site.

The new program will be released as CopySafe and will run from any website or even a home page. CopySafe will make your site safe from all avenues of copying, including screen capture.

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