CopySafe PBV as a Content Management System (CMS)

July 2001
CopySafe PBV for Web Content Management

CopySafe Web Protection is now available for use by  web site visitors via the new Page By View (PBV) system.

CopySafe, ArtistScope's top-of-the-line Image Protection solution is now available on a free trial basis, using their newly-released PBV system.

PBV, which stands for "page by view", enables the user to upload images directly from their hard drive to specially set up servers that automatically encrypt the image and add it to a web page. With the use of special online forms, the user can edit their page to reproduce the look of the home site.

Ideal for newcomers to web publishing and security, this system does not involve any software or the kind of learning curve that is usually involved with new software. All you have to do once your account is created is to go to your upload page and select the images from your hard drive. Your admin page will show you which images you are using, the page links to use, and track the number of hits to your pages.

Fees are charged for each page view, which are purchased in packets of between 100 and 100,000 hits. The server logs your hits, shows the stats in your admin section, and emails you a warning when the reserve is low. The PBV system is brand new and a first for the Internet. For a limited time, ArtistScope is offering a free introductory trial to assess the system to ensure that it suits the user's operation.

The system is expected to be very popular, and as usual, the DRM developers are expected to rush and try the new system in a bid to find solutions for their own projects. DRM is the new colloquial term for peddlers of digital security and stands for "Digital Rights Management". Today's market is seen to be leaning towards the protection of online audio and video material, but of all the systems proffered by the many new players that claim to provide protection in this market, few seem to have the goods. Perhaps they are waiting for someone to show them how it is done correctly.

As with all of our systems, they are new and unique. We do not have to patent them to protect them. They are protected by Copyright, which is immediately effective worldwide. Developers wishing to incorporate ArtistScope copy protection software into any project are most welcome to book a job.

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