New DRM & Copy Protection for WordPress

19th December, 2023 - SafeGuard DRM and SafeGuard Media released for DRM and copy protection of WordPress pages and posts!

The ArtistScope Site Protection Software (ASPS) is the most robust and most effective copy protection for websites ever imagined. But ASPS requires a dedicated server or VPS. But now there are two new WordPress plugins that can utilise the power and resources of ASPS within an iFrame.

DRM & Copy Protection for WordPressWhat makes ASPS so secure is that it creates a secure tunnel between the web server and the user’s web browser (ArtisBrowser) in which nothing can be copied or intercepted, and while an ASPS web page is on display, nothing can be copied in any way. Normal web browsers, which have always been useless for copy protection, cannot get ASPS pages, and even if they could, they cannot decrypt the web page to extract anything at all. In fact ASPS web pages are even secure from packet-sniffers.

The SafeGuard Media plugin can add copy protection to any page or post, preventing all copy and save including PrintScreen, screen capture and screen recording. SafeGuard Media installs just like any other WordPress plugin and it can be used for FREE as a 14-day trial, after which bas SafeGuard Media account is required. The security and effectives of SafeGuard copy protection makes all other copy protection plugins look useless, and they are because all they actually do is disable right-click actions.

You can download SafeGuard Media from WordPress or you can download it complete with user-guide.

The SafeGuard DRM plugin can be used in conjunction with the SafeGuard Media plugin to add DRM (access rights control) to your WordPress pages and posts. Each DRM token can be set to allow between 1 and 10 different devices, meaning that the user can use a computer at work, a different computer at home and also use their mobile phone from anywhere, all at the author’s discretion.

SafeGuard DRM tokens can be set to expire by calendar date, by a number of views, or by a number of days since their first use. Token creation can be automated from online sales by using the WooCommerce plugin.

Both SafeGuard Media and SafeGuard DRM tokens can limit which platforms are allowed access. For example, if your users are on Windows workstations, you can disallow access from Mac, Android and iOS devices.

No other WordPress plugin can compare in effectiveness with either the SafeGuard Media or SafeGuard DRM plugins. Both plugins can be evaluated for FREE for 14-days.

Pricing and Availability

About ArtistScope

ArtistScope has been the leading developer of “copy protection” since 1998 when they first invented it. Beginning with image protection for artists on the web, ArtistScope solutions have survived the ever changing Internet and evolved to provide the most secure copy protection solutions for all media, for which there is no comparison.

When most talk about DRM, they are simply referring to password protection. However passwords can be shared and when ArtistScope introduced DRM into their solutions to prevent sharing and unauthorized distribution, they revolutionized the meaning of DRM by using live call-to-home validation of subscriber access that not only locked user accounts to their computers, but it enabled total control for authors over all aspects, with immediate effect on any changes made, even to media already saved to a user’s computer or still out in the wild on disk.

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