ArtisBrowser The Only Browser To Support Copy Protection

January 2016
ArtisBrowser Proves Other Browsers Inadequate.

January 30, 2016 – The ArtisBrowser remains as the only web browser that can still support copy protected web sites.

As of November 2015, all popular web browsers have dropped support for real browser plugins. When we say "real plugins" we refer to NPAPI plugins that have been around since the first Netscape web browser. NPAPI plugins run in Mozilla browsers similar to ActiveX in Internet Explorer browser to provide interaction with the computer operating system. Without NPAPI and ActiveX those popular browsers can no longer interact at system level so they are now useless for any copy protected project.

Google, who maintains the Chrome browser and Chromium resource, with a huge influence over Firefox development, has dropped support for NPAPI plugins in favor of simple apps that run on amusement devices like their mobile phone. Although touted as the edge of technology, the Chrome browser has always had problems complying with WW3 standards supporting plugins used by every other Mozilla browser.

While web developers have always been afraid if limiting access to protected webs, even if doing so would be more secure, they have always favored popular web browsers. But by allowing browsers whose every new innovation is another new way to find, expose and copy intellectual property and web media, they have undermined the potential security of their own projects.

But now the value of the ArtisBrowser can be appreciated. Especially designed to support the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS), the most secure copy protection solution on the planet without peer, the ArtisBrowser remains as the only web browser that web developers can use and rely upon for their copy protected projects.

Three cheers to Google! You have done us all a favor. Now there is no excuse for not using any popular web browser on secure or copy protected web sites.

- Click for more info about the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS).
- Click for more info about the ArtisBrowser.

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