5 CopySafe Video Protection 4.0 Released With Improved Buffering

CopySafe Video 4.0 Released With Buffering

May 2019
CopySafe Video Protection 4.0 Released With On-demand Buffering

May 21, 2019 – A new version of CopySafe Video Protection has been released to cater for the online viewing of large video files.

CopySafe Video 4.0 solves a problem with displaying large files online that have been encrypted. Normally anything that is encrypted must be fully downloaded before it can be decrypted, thus hampering the opportunity to buffer video (display as it is being downloaded). CopySafe Video 3.0 was fine with online video files of about 3 Mb but with 300 Mb video files, it could take a long time before the whole file can be downloaded and decryption begin.

However CopySafe Video 4.0 solves that problem. In fact 300 Mb video files start playing quicker than smaller videos because of the way that the larger files are now encrypted... ready to play almost immediately.

Earlier encoded video will not be compatible with the new Player and licensed used need to download the latest Encoder software and re-encode any existing videos. This affects video for desktop viewing as well because the new buffering system is now used throughout to enhanced forward/seek response times.

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