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Copy protect eBooks and PDF documents from all save and copy
CopySafe Video Demos and Downloads

Copy Protect Video Demos

CopySafe Video provides the most secure copy protection for video on the planet. It can be evaluated online or on your desktop.

Evaluate CopySafe Video DRM

DRM protected videos are managed from an online portal where as an author you can manage an unlimited number of videos and subscribers with total control over all aspects and immediate effect upon any changes that you make. For evaluation purposes you can create a free 14 day account. Such demo accounts are limited to your access but what you can do is upload your own documents and then visit them from another computer that is not associated to your author account to gauge the effectiveness of our DRM protection.

* DRM accounts are FREE to all licensed used of this software without limitation.

You will be required to validate your email address before logging in. Note that videos are registered into the system by uploading the video's token file to the server and letting the server-side software perform the conversion so that its contents match all records.

After adding a CopySafe Video video, try opening it on the same computer that you used for management and see that you are allowed access. Then try opening it from any other computer and see that it does not have access. Thus you have the most effective DRM which is preventing your video from being shared or redistributed to other without authorization.

Download the Software

To view CopySafe PDF on your desktop you need to install the CopySafe PDF Reader. To convert normal PDF to copy protected PDF you need to install the CopySafe PDF Protector. To evaluate DRM you need a DRM account as explained above.

Copysafe Video Encoder download CopySafe Video Encoder Download 9.0 Mb 
Copysafe Video Player download CopySafe Video Player * Download 6.47 Mb 
ArtisBrowser download * ArtisBrowser includes all CopySafe solutions  Download   38 Mb 

* To view CopySafe Video on web pages, the ArtisBrowser is required. It includes support for all CopySafe solutions, so instead of installing the CopySafe Video Player, install the ArtisBrowser.

View CopySafe Video Online

Distribution of video for desktop reading is the most commonly used option, because with DRM applied, the video cannot be shared or redistributed without your explicit permission. But CopySafe Video can also be displayed online from web pages most securely.

Plugins are available for DNN, Drupal, Joomla, Moodle and WordPress to simplify the process of embedding protected video into CMS web pages. You can see examples of these in action. However you will need to use the ArtisBrowser* to visit these sites.
* ArtisBrowser is the only web browser suitable for copy protected web sites.

DRM does not apply to CopySafe Video when displayed on a web page. Instead, access limitations can be managed by your membership login system.

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CopySafe Video:

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CopySafe Video Demos
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Purchase Copysafe PDF Protection Software Online


A single license enables use of the CopySafe Video Encoder for an unlimited number of video conversions and without royalty. There is no limit on how long it can be used or how many documents are converted.

The CopySafe Video Player does not require licensing, will forever be a free download to the public, and can be distributed on CD or by download with your videos.


Customer support is FREE and not limited by service contract.


Software upgrades are free when available. No charge for improving our own product!

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