Publishing copy protected web pages

Viewing encrypted images

To view your new work, you can upload the new content to your web site or open locally in a web browser. Note that images encrypted more than 48 hours ago may not be visible locally and can only viewed from the licensed web site. See domain lock for more info.

Files to upload

Upload your Copysafe Web files as Binary. Uploading by FTP as ASCII will corrupt them. If uploading using FrontPage, simply copy'n'paste the files to the desired folder.

  • ArtistScopeViewer.jar - Java routines for the security applet
  • Csi.js - Javascript for plugin and platform check
  • Your_image_0300_0200_C.class - new encrypted image (remove original)
  • Your_image.html - web page displaying the security applet for the image
  • Your licence file used when encrypting for "all domains".

If using CopySafe Web encrypted images, their originals will no longer be required on the web site and can be removed.

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