Domain lock and licensing policy

Domain lock

Domain lock was developed by ArtistScope to prevent unauthorized use of images. If the encrypted image is displayed from another web site, it will be useless. Note that domain lock is only secure when locking to a single domain or web site address.

48 hour open window

To enable testing of your CopySafe Web pages and images (without a web server) by viewing them locally in your web browser, domain lock is not effective for 48 hours. After 48 hours the images uploaded to you web site will be domain locked. Note that open testing may not be available with all web browsers.

Multiple domains

Extra licenses can be registered at greatly discounted prices (once you have your first license). When multiple licenses are registered you are provided with the one program that can domain lock to a single domain that you nominate, or you can encrypt your images for use on all domains. While this can be convenient and time saving, it is not recommended for the most security option.

When images are encrypted for domain lock on a single site, your registration code is embedded into the image file and cannot be altered. But when the same images are encrypted for use on several sites, the key code is not embedded in the image and a plain text file is created that lists the domains for use.

Since the release of Java 1.6 the regkey file format used in earlier versions of CopySafe will only work if the server has been configured to allow .dat as a mime type.

Localhost license

Every licensed program includes an additional license for use at "localhost". If you have a demo you may find that it is licensed for localhost for testing purposes. The localhost license can also be used within a home or corporate network (an intranet).

Localhost testing and intranet

For testing purposes the localhost license ca be used on personal web servers, such as the one that can be enabled with Windows XP Pro. If you don't have XP Pro and only have Windows XP Home Edition , third party personal web server software can be purchased and installed. To visit your site at localhost, simply type in http://localhost in your web browser's address field.

CD licensing

To display web content from a CD while offline, you need software that creates a personal web server such as ArtistScope CD. ArtisCD encrypts your pages and images into a single archive and is fully compatible with CopySafe Web running at localhost.

License codes

We have not issued license key codes in our copy protection software since the early versions of Secure Image. Instead, each license is custom compiled with your license key embedded into the executable program. Each time an extra license is registered, a new executable is compiled to include all of your domains.

Subsequently your images cannot be misused and you can have confidence in your application by knowing that CopySafe Web cannot be redistributed as pirated software.

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