System requirements for copy protection

Skill requirement

The CopySafe Web image converter will enable the user to select and import images for encryption. The Configuration Wizard will step the user through all steps to nominate the desired properties for the image's display. Then the user only needs to click on the Protect button and select a destination folder to save the new work. Operating the image converter requires little to no skill. To publish the protected images, the user only has upload all the files found in the project folder.

The image converter encrypts the images and adds them to web pages with standard html governed by the template file in the software's program folder. Without any further editing the images will be fully protected for all threats including Printscreen and screen capture.

Further customization of pages prior to upload and editing the program's template files will require a basic understanding of html.

Software requirement

CopySafe Web version 4.0 software used for encrypting images will run on all platforms that have Java version 1.5 installed.

Web site requirement

CopySafe Web protected content will run from any web site and on any server type, whether it be a commercial server or personal web server (such as PWS on Windows XP Pro).

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