Copy protecting existing web pages and media

CopySafe insert

As well as using CopySafe Web security viewer to display encrypted images (the most secure solution for images) you can also protect normal html, images and page inclusions such as Flash animations and PDF by simply adding the CopySafe Web code.

How to protect existing pages on your site

If your registered CopySafe Web Insert (without the image encryption software) then you will find that all the components to add to a page will be ready made and included in your licensed download package.

If you have the full version of CopySafe Web that includes the image encryption software, you can easily make your own custom code to add to existing pages on your web site.

The code to use

To copy protect any web page, the easiest method is to add a single template that includes:

  1. A small CopySafe Web security viewer
  2. The csi JavaScript insert

The CopySafe Web Insert samples and the CopySafe Web viewer template also show what other code can be used to extend the protection of the page. These include:

  • NOSCRIPT code for between the HEAD tags
  • No cache code for between the HEAD tags
  • No print code for between the HEAD tags
  • No print and no select/drag code for the BODY tag itself

The needed components can be copy'n'pasted to existing web pages, or if delivering web pages on the fly (assembling from database output) they can be added as inserts whereby the same templates can be used on all pages.

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